V Rising Leather: How to Craft It

Leather comes in handy when it’s time to upgrade your Castle Heart. The process requires 12 leather and 12 Copper Ingots from start to finish. Crafting the Ingots is easy since copper rocks are readily available. Once you’ve fetched enough copper rocks, just navigate to the Build Menu, find the Furnace and fill it with the copper ore to make Ingots.  

By the way, make sure to reserve the regular rocks. They’ll help you craft Stone Blocks. Your next objective will be to get leather. That’s where the real work starts. So, roll up your sleeves.

How to Craft the Leather

As an early aspect of V Rising, you’d expect to find the crafting details featured in the game. However, there isn’t any information about how you can lay your hands on this vital resource. The process is a bit lengthy and comprises the following steps:

  • Using the Blood Altar to track Keely the Frost Archer (a level 20 V Blood boss)
  • Defeating Keely
  • Building a tannery in your castle
  • Crafting your leather

Unlocking the Blood Altar

Luckily, the game has a tutorial to help unlock the Blood Altar. Meanwhile, ensure you’re gathering animal hides and lumber. Hoarding hides is easy. You can obtain them by killing animals in the forest or collect them as drops from dying animals. The two will be helpful when you reach the real leather crafting step.

Defeating Keely

After unlocking the Blood Altar, select Keely the Frost Archer. You should see a blood trail leading to their location. Keely is easy to bring down. However, the area (Bandit Trapper Fort, located in the northeast part of Farbane Woods) hosts many bandits and their pets. 

There are also dangerous bandit patrols near the fort. Dealing with those is a bigger challenge than fighting Keely herself. Prepare. 

Building the Tannery and Crafting Leather

A Copper Spear and Boneguard Armor set are essential gear to have on you. So, make sure you have them ready, then battle Keely to death to unlock the Tannery.

With the Tannery recipe acquired, it’s time to return to your castle to start crafting leather. The first step will be to build a Tannery which requires 8 planks and 160 hides. Once it’s ready, place the animal hides in the input grid to obtain leather. Remember, you’ll need 16 animal hides to craft one piece of leather.   

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