V Rising: How to Get the Blood Key

While V Rising is popular for some of its in-game weapons, items, and characters, few can reach the prominent status of the Blood Key. With a level of 27, the Blood Key is the highest level gear in the V Rising. Anyone looking to upgrade their fight or weapon set is often referred to learn and get the Blood Key.

This legendary component also comes in handy when you are up against boss enemies. It lets you slay prominent foes easily and have better progress in the game. With such importance, it only stands to reason why a majority in V Rising may ask,“ How do you get the Blood Key in V Rising?”

Today, our guide shows you how to obtain this gem-like item. Let’s dive in.

How to get V Rising’s Blood Key

The first step to acquiring this V Rising gem, you will need to travel to the Fortress of Light in the east section of the Silverlight Hills. Then seek out and fight Solarus the Immaculate from this location. Solarus stands as the top-level boss enemy, to take him down you must have fully mastered all of your abilities in the game and acquired the best gear. You might also need a friend or a group of clan members to conquer this V Rising boss.

Once you defeat Solarus, V Rising issues you the Blood Key recipe for you to proceed and craft the item.

Crafting the Blood Key

With the recipe at hand, your next step is to make your Blood Key and use it. Go back to the V Rising castle, unlock the Jewel Crafting Table and obtain the following ingredients:

  • 300 Gem Dust
  • 21 Dark Silver Ingots
  • 3 Primal Blood Essence
  • 6 Gold Ingots

Use the above materials to create the Blood Key at the Jewel Crafting Table. With your Blood Key ready, you are now set to have better V Rising progress, thanks to improved power and weaponry.

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