Lost Ark
    March 15, 2022

    Lost Ark: Martial Artist Class Beginner Guide

    While other classes in Lost Ark may offer sorcery or big guns, you can’t deny that there’s something uniquely satisfying…
    Elden Ring
    February 25, 2022

    Elden Ring best Starting Classes for Beginners

    There are 10 unique and amazing classes available in Elden Ring, and they are not created all equal. There are…
    Lost Ark
    February 13, 2022

    Lost Ark Game Review: A Gorgeous Action RPG Worth Checking Out

    Lost Ark, an upcoming action RPG from developer Smilegate, is one of the most anticipated games of the year. The…
    Lost Ark
    January 31, 2022

    Lost Ark Classes available at North America Launch

    Lost Ark is releasing in North America around the corner on February 11th, and there are significant differences between the…
    New World
    September 5, 2021

    New World: Full Character Progression System

    Amazon’s upcoming MMORPG Amazon New World is fast approaching, and a myriad of new and exciting progression systems are ready…
    New World
    August 30, 2021

    Why Picking a Class in New World Isn’t as Easy as Other Games

    If I could give any Class advice based on my experience playing the New World Beta so far is that…
    New World
    August 27, 2021

    7 demands from the people of Aeturnum

    1. Release the game The world of Aeturnum is absolutely beautiful and has a tremendous amount of things to offer…
    June 6, 2021

    Technomancer Best Build and Weapon Mod Guide

    Are you itching to create the best Technomancer build to defeat hostile creatures scattered across Enoch? The Technomancer is one…

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