How to Reduce Misery in V Rising?

In reality, Vampires are dependent on blood. Even in V Rising, your Vampire character will need to capture humans and feed on their blood to survive.

However, each time you draw blood from your human prisoners to build your Vampire’s health, the prisoners get misery. Initially, when humans are imprisoned, they have a misery percentage of zero. As you continue to feast on them, they start to deteriorate, and the misery percentage increases.

With time, the misery rate goes beyond human capability, and your human prisoner dies. Lowering the misery percentage is necessary to sustain blood harvesting.

So, how do you keep this misery low or even non-existence? We get to answer this question, plus the tips to help your prisoners not succumb due to higher misery rates.

Controlling The Prisoners’ Misery 

Lucky enough, V Rising provides you with options on how players can best reduce the prisoner’s damage caused by the high misery rate. Among these options available are:

Providing them with a steady supply of food.

A well-fed prisoner will not only stay alive but is healthy and will provide you with high-quality blood. You can feed them on particular foods V Rising delivers. These foods are:

  • Rats

Rats offer the simplest method to minimize misery in a prison cell. The rodents can be found all around Vardoran, but you can also reproduce them using a Vermin nest in your castle. Rats will give you a 5% misery reduction.

  • Fish

Fish is the best food resource to rejuvenate your prisoners. Sage Fish will offer a 15% – 30% misery reduction, while Rainbow Trout will provide a 5-10% misery reduction.

However, hunting can take a toll on your Vampire’s health. For such situations, you create a fishing pole for your fish resource. This tool comes from your carpentry bench and will have you first defeat the Rufus Foreman before acquiring the workstation diagram. Finding Rufus’ boss will take you into the Bandit Logging Camp within Farbane Woods at the southeast section of the Forgotten Cemetery.

Ensure your prison cells are in a room with a prison floor. 

While this does not lower the actual amount of misery, it does reduce its effectiveness. When you draw blood from your captives, it lessens the damage you deliver to them, allowing you to push them to a greater misery threshold before dying.

So, there you have it. You can confidently get your human prisoners back in shape and good health for you to draw quality blood for longer.

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