V Rising: Where to Find Mourning Lily

When your journey in V  Rising kicks off, you are a  weak, vulnerable Vampire who must fight hard to survive. There’s no other option besides gathering weapons, gear and immense powers. Acquiring the three means fetching resources to help you craft them—another vital assignment.

Some resources are easy to locate and farm. For instance, blood essence, lumber and hides often grow off the road. They’re are some of the readily available resources in V Rising. Mourning Lilys, however, don’t sprout anywhere. 

They’ve got specific farming locations. So, prior knowledge about where to find the Mourning Lily is essential. Well, you’ll find that in the next section.

Where to Find Mourning Lily in V Rising

You’ll certainly find different things growing in various places in the land of V Rising. So, it’s essential to know what you’ll be looking for. The Mourning Lily has a bell-like shaped head.

Its characteristic glowing light blue color will help you locate it quickly. After spotting the flower, obtaining it is even easier— just walk to the plant and then pluck it. By the way, you might be unsure about the kind of stuff available in a specific area. If that happens, hover your mouse on there to see the prevalent items available.

The Mourning Lily grows outside of some castles. Feel free to go and steal some. However, this option isn’t reliable since you won’t farm an adequate amount of the resource. You can only use it as a backup plan—more is better.

Human settlements are a great farming location too. If you’re into looting, you can advance into these areas and obtain the Mourning Lily. The best part is that there are high chances of finding other items during the raid. The reason is that human settlements almost always carry stuff in their crates and treasures. So, make sure you have adequate space in the inventory for putting the extra goodies you’ll get.

Lastly, you can find the Morning Lily in the Necromancer Strongholds. This is the best and most reliable option since the resource is available in decent amounts. Following are the precise farming locations:

  • Forgotten Cemetery
  • Infested Graveyard
  • Desecrated Graveyard

The Infested Graveyard has over 140 Mourning Lilys with seeds in them. Aside from being a sufficient source, you can obtain the seeds and grow your own plants in your castle—double profit.

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