V Rising: How To Beat Wilfred the Werewolf

Fighting Bosses within V Rising gives you the added advantage of significant weaponry, powers, or artifacts. Each successful boss fight will make you more robust and better equipped than before. 

One of these top bosses to hunt down is Wilfred, the Werewolf. He is the werewolf chief and a level 64 boss. With each defeat of Werewolf, you can expect greater hunting power alongside a unique V Rising recipe. 

But how do you go up against this Werewolf in V Rising? Where do you even find him in the first place? Let us dive in. 

Getting To Wilfred the Werewolf

Wilfred has his base inside the Gloomgrave Village, his home is a small house on the north of this location. To reach the location, travel to the northeast of Dunley Farmlands, an area full of werewolves.

You will have to fight off these other werewolves before taking on Wilfred. The best move is to attack them during the day since they are weak.

Fighting Wilfred the Werewolf

Wilfred is a boss with enormous capability, loads of HP, and a few tricks. For example, Wilfred can cloak to attack you unexpectedly from behind. To take him down, you must level up or possess a greater skill set. Additionally, this werewolf boss changes to human during the day, so you need to also time your fight. 

The best time is just before nightfall and have the following as your attack arsenal:

  • An Iron Crossbow to buff your weaponry and deal damage from afar
  • The Chaos Volley’s capability to attack from long range
  • Veil of Chaos ability which offers a quick escape from boss attacks. It also increases your dealing damage for the coming attack. 
  • The Ward of the Damned for dealing extra damage plus blocking attacks.
  • The Volatile Arachnid option for extra damage to Wilfred

Once you defeat Wilfred the werewolf, your rewards will be the Holy Resistance Flask recipe alongside the Heart Strike Power. These rewards give you more power and weaponry for your subsequent quests in V Rising. 

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