How To Get Bones in V Rising

V Rising comes with various necessary items, but Bones hold a far more different value to your growth and progress within the game.

Since the Bones form the foundation of your V Rising, you are bound to ask the question,” How do you get Bones in V Rising?” Let’s lay down what it takes to get these Bones when playing V Rising.

How To Farm and Get Bones In V Rising

With Bones relatively one of the essential V Rising elements, you have to get them from the start. All it takes is to farm them from various enemies. These different enemies from where you can farm Bones include characters such as

  • Skeletons
  • Bandits
  • Animals such as bears and wolves

To get the most Bones from these enemies, you will need to beat these characters really hard for the enemy to drop enough bones.

The best location to get these characters happens to be the Cemeteries and Graveyards such as the Infested, and Desecrated Graveyard found inside the Farbane woods. On the map, the cemeteries are usually indicated by large yellow circles, which reveal the location’s name whenever you hold the cursor above them. These cemeteries and graveyards are great places to farm bones since the skeletons in the area are less strong and capable of being destroyed at ease.

Using the Blood Rose with the Tomb, you can also spawn skeletons within a particular duration. However, you may need to seal off the Tomb to generate lots of skeletons and keep them in one place. After some time, you can return and destroy these skeletons and farm more bones to build up your resources.

The only worry with the Tomb is that you will have to start by unlocking the Tomb by defeating Goreswing the Ravager. However, you will have to first match up to Goreswing level 27 before even stepping up to fight this boss in the Farbane Woods.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get plenty of bones to build up your armor. 

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