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10 Helpful Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Nexus Mods You Have to Download Today

With almost 300 hours in, I’ve spent an enormous amount of time trying out various Bannerlord mods. Some improved my gameplay experience, while others didn’t and caused my campaigns to crash and burn, forcing me to start a new playthrough. 

My experiences aside, if you’re looking for Bannerlord Nexus mods to enhance your experience, whether to make the game less punishing or to add a whole extra dimension to it, we’ve compiled a few helpful mods for you: 

(Disclaimer: some of these mods may affect game stability and no longer work in future updates.)

CA – Eagle Rising – Dawn of an Empire

“Legio, Aeterna, Victrix!”

If you’re a massive fan of the Roman Empire, then CA – Eagle Rising – Dawn of an Empire is the Bannerlord mod for you. It converts the entire Imperial faction in the game (inspired by the Byzantine Empire or Eastern Romans) to the Western Romans. The mods include a troop and equipment overhaul, with legionnaires and auxilia units gracing the battlefield with their gladius, scutum, and pila.

Other features include new Gaul-inspired factions and equipment. Moreover, the mod changed the Imperial faction’s Greek-sounding names of both nobles and settlements to Latin ones.

Get it here.

Improved Garrisons

One of the worst things about Bannerlord is that unit recruitment, and garrison management is solely your job. For example, if you have a couple of towns and a few castles, you’ll be in charge of making sure they have enough personnel to stay protected.

Thankfully, the Improved Garrisons mod is around to help you in this endeavor. It lets you recruit soldiers to add to your garrisons and train them to gain experience. It also enables you to create guard patrols to defend your villagers and incoming caravans from bandits, looters, and small enemy parties.

Get it here.

Banner Paste

Let’s face it: Bannerlord’s banner customization is severely lacking. There are only a few color options, and you cannot design one from scratch.

Although BannerPaste doesn’t let you create your custom banner, it allows you to copy custom banners online and paste them on the banner editor using the ctrl + c and ctrl + v shortcuts. Some notable creations online include the Teutonic Knights’ flag, the Byzantine Empire banner, and even the Witcher School of the Wolf’s sigil.

Get it here.


Yes, you can create banners, but do you see them in battle? Without Banner Peasants, you can’t. It adds flags for troops to carry into battle, adding to the overall immersion and feeling of belongingness. Just imagine doing a full-frontal cavalry charge with your heavy knights in a skein formation with your flags flapping in the wind. The default version enables one flag for ten soldiers, while there are also 15:1 and 20:1 varieties.

Get it here.

Developer Console

If you’re someone who wants to try out cheats, then the Developer Console mod is a must. Using cheats in-game is relatively limited, and some keyboard shortcuts don’t even work, unlike in Warband. With it, you can enter codes for acquiring specific units, increasing your renown, and obtaining settlements.

Get it here.

Governors Handle Issues

Apart from building projects, you’re also supposed to fix every settlement inhabitants’ problems as quests. Not a problem if you’re a landless mercenary, but it’s a terrible drawback if you’re the owner. Why? Well, given that with every issue, settlements receive a -1 prosperity penalty. In addition, this is impossible to deal with if you own multiple towns since these repeatedly pop up after every few days.

The Governors Handle Issues mod makes this problem nonexistent. All you have to do is install a governor in the towns and castles you own. May it be a clan member or a companion, they’ll then fix these issues for you automatically, ensuring you won’t have to spend too much time performing mundane quests.

Get it here.

Hideout Send Troops

This Bannerlord Nexus mod lets you send your troops to raid and dismantle bandit hideouts instead of having to do it yourself every time. Although raiding a camp with only a few troops is quite exciting, considering you have to duel their leader afterward, it can get repetitive. You don’t have to get rid of the rabble personally if you’re an archon or a baron, right?

Get it here.

Xorberax’s Cut Through Everyone

There are enormous weapons in Bannerlord, like from the executioner’s ax and the glaive. However, there are instances wherein you can only hit one unit while using them, which defeats the purpose of wielding them in the first place. With Xorberax’s Cut Through Everyone mod, this won’t be a problem. With it, you will hit several opponents at once the next time you swing an ax or glaive.

Get it here.

Daily Skill Progression

As its name suggests, Daily Skill Progression automatically increases your proficiency in various skills every day. It adds XP and is useful for leveling up stats you don’t commonly use. For example, it’s challenging to increase your Athletics stat if your character always sits above a saddle. With this mod, you can improve it day by day, enabling you to sprint and move faster without getting off the horse.

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Better Looting

In the ancient and medieval era, victorious armies help themselves to the spoils of battle, AKA the armor, equipment, and whatever items their opponents left behind in their haste to retreat. The same happens in Bannerlord: you’ll get loot equivalent to the enemy party’s composition and size.

However, you rarely receive the defeated nobles’ higher-tier items and instead end up with the cheap and useless gear. Better Looting does what it is supposed to, giving you the lamellar armor and crowned helmet those pesky Imperial nobles love to wear. Fair warning, though: it is overpowered, and you will end up getting rich from all the loot you’ll take if you activate this mode.

Get it here.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord (available on Steam and Epic Games) is your best bet if you want to play a vast medieval sandbox. However, it’s still on early access and lacks certain features present in Warband, its predecessor. The abovementioned mods will help enhance your adventure throughout the continent of Calradia, so be sure to try them out.

So, are there are other Bannerlord mods that deserve to be on the list? Please let us know down in the comments!

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