V Rising: How to Beat Terrorclaw the Ogre

Your ultimate goal in V Rising is to rule the world. Meanwhile, the hostile environment won’t make it easy for you. Luckily, there are different survival strategies to help you achieve your goal. Among them is collecting blood. 

Also, enemies abound in V Rising. Conquering them is non-negotiable. Aside from fighting to live, these enemies are sources of vital resources required to build better weapons and gear that help you survive the unforgiving V Rising environment.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to beat an essential enemy in V Rising—Terrorclaw the Ogre. He’s a level 68 V Blood Carrier, and beating him helps unlock different abilities like Arctic Leap power. He’s also a source of vital blueprints making him a foe worth looking for, fighting, and defeating.

Terrorclaw the Ogre Location

V Bloods will often have a unique scent you can follow to locate them. However, knowing their precise location helps you prepare your attack in advance. Consequently, your V Rising journey becomes more manageable. Victory is assured.

Terrorclaw lives in a Frozen cave found South of the Hallowed mountains. He’s an indoor character; therefore, you’ll not have to worry about the sun when battling him to death. Further, the beast’s repetitive fighting tactics and lack of surprise attacks mean an easier time dealing blows and killing him quickly.

However, downplaying his abilities is risky. He’s known to deal irreparable damage to lower-level players. His other tactics include:

  • Spit attack: Sends a green  projectile towards you in order to slow you down
  • Arctic leap: Involves jumping and trashing himself on the ground sending destructive ice spikes your way
  • Club swing: Uses his free-swinging club to knock you down

How to Beat Terrorclaw Ogre in V Rising

Recall, Terrorclaw is a level 68 boss. Therefore, he’s among the high-ranking V Bloods in V Rising. So, it’s best to avoid him if you’re new to the game. Further, advanced players must verify that they’ve attained a gear level of 68 before taking on this beast.

Terrorclaw loves leaping. So, utilize your wings to evade this tactic. While at it, use your Hellfire Yoyo and shotgun to deal damage while soaring above him. Ensure you keep a safe distance from him to avoid his dangerous spit. On top of that, your health will be depleting pretty fast. So, have healing items on you. 

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