How to Get Silver in V Rising?

Like in the real world, silver is a naturally occurring metal in V Rising. It’s also among the game’s rare resources, and you’ll undoubtedly encounter deadly bosses during your silver hunting mission. So, getting your hands on it can be challenging.

Silver has several use cases in V Rising. Aside from using it to craft armor and weapons, you’ll require it to build your castle. By the way, this Silver will come in handy towards the end of the game. So, the earlier you obtain it, the better. In this article, you’ll learn how you can get Silver and find valuable tips to help you carry it safely back. 

Safety Measures to Observe When Farming Silver in V Rising

You can find plenty of Silver in the high levels of Vardoran.  So, it’s best to wait until you’ve attained a gear level of 60 before attempting to obtain this priceless metal. Vampires and Silver never go together in V Rising. So, expect to suffer some damage from carrying the resource. 

Luckily, you can counter the effects of silver by making Silver Resistance Potions or Brew, then have them on you. You’ve to defeat Clive to obtain the blueprint for Alchemy Table, where you’ll prepare your drinks. Here’s the breakdown of the building resources:

Alchemy Table

  • 100 Blood Essence
  • 16 Planks
  • 12 Sulfur

Silver Resistance Brew Option One

  • 20 Snow Flowers
  • A Water-Filled Canteen

Increases your Resistance by 15, lasting for 20 minutes

Silver Resistance Brew Option Two

  • 32 Ghost Shrooms
  • A Water-Filled Canteen

This option will increase your Resistance by 50 and last 20 minutes. Further, you can only access the recipe after defeating Raziel the Shepherd found in Dunley Monastery.

Pro Tip: Carrying too much Silver means absorbing more damage. To avoid that, tag along a few friends and distribute the resource among yourselves. 

How to Get Silver in V Rising

As the name suggests, the precise farming location is the Sacred Silver Mine. You’ll find it in the risky Silverlight Hills towards the West of V Rising land. The Church of Luminance dominates this Silver-rich region. You’ll also encounter 55-60 level powerful guards.

While you can choose to fight the bosses, it’s not necessary. Simply transform into a rat to approach the region with minimal commotion. Holy Warriors often patrol the silver-rich underground mines. Ensure you’re ready for combat in case of an attack.

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