How to Get Stone Brick in V Rising

Some resources in V Rising are helpful for a short timeframe—not so for Stone Brick. You’ll require the item from early to late game level. Stone Brick is the primary resource to modify your wooden base in order to have a robust and safe fortress. During the process, you’ll be building different castle structures, including:

  • Reinforced Walls, 
  • Reinforced Entrance
  • Reinforced Windows Walls
  • Reinforced Pillars
  • The Castle Gate
  • Castle Gate (Servant Lock)

Further, without Stone Brick, you won’t be able to make your castle flooring and decorations like wallpaper. Consequently, the lack of this resource will prevent you from finishing the Journal Quest, which is about Building a Castle. Put differently, Stone Brick is an invaluable resource—here’s how to obtain it.

Crafting Stone Brick  

Stone Brick is often crafted in a Grinder which you build in your castle. Like other items in V Rising, a few essentials go into the building process. The resources required include:

  • 8 Planks
  • 4 Copper Ingots
  • 4 Whetstones

Planks and Copper Ingots are readily available. If you’ve got enough lumber already, you can use it to make Planks in your sawmill. Otherwise, you’ve to collect it first. Meanwhile, smelting Copper ore in your furnace produces Copper Ingots. The tricky job is laying your hands on Whetstones.

Obtaining Whetstones

You can raid bandit camps, and if lucky enough, you’ll fetch some Whetstones. Bandit Stronghold and Bandit Encampment in Farbane Woods or Bastion Dunley in Dunley Farmlands are popular Whetstone farming locations.

However, bandit camps aren’t reliable sources if you’re looking to obtain a decent amount of Whetstone. The best way is to beat Grayson the Armorer. He’s a level 28 V Blood. So, you’ll want to be at the same game level or higher before pouncing on him.

After having Grayson down, you’ll access the Whetstone crafting recipe (1 copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust). Next, you can proceed to the Smelter and start the crafting process. By the way, you can also use the Smelter to upgrade the Castle Heart.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary items, you can return to your castle and set up the Grinder. Then, use it to craft as much Stone Brick as possible since you’ll require a lot of it. 

By the way, you can quickly increase your Stone Brick output by having multiple Grinders. So, gather adequate building materials, have several Grinders, and enjoy the convenience of having Stone Brick at your disposal. 

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