V Rising: How to Unlock Toad Form

Anyone into V Rising knows how much goes into the in-game shapeshifting transformation, including human ones. But beyond human transformation, there is also the capability to shapeshift into different creatures. Among these popular transformations is the toad form. 

The Toad form is quite popular since it lets you evade foes by jumping to escape attacks. Additionally, you can count on the toad form to help you navigate through in-game obstacles such as fences or barricades. 

But what begs the question is how you can get this shapeshifting transformation. 

Well, here’s how you can unlock and get the Toad form.

Unlocking the Toad Form in V Rising

The toad form is a shapeshifting transformation usually available at the final course within V Rising. Getting this capability starts with taking a trip up north until you reach the Cursed Forest. Inside the forest, you would need to locate the Swamp of Greed, from where you must fight a boss in the area. 

The Duke of Balaton is the boss you have to fight and defeat for you to get your toad form. However, the Duke of Balaton is not your average boss, and you have to equip yourself with extra tips on how to counter this foe. 

First, the Duke of Balaton is a boss at level 62, meaning this is not an average fight. You have to advance your gear and armory levels before starting the battle. Next up, you must properly track this boss in the Swamp of Greed area to save you time. The Blood Altar is your go-to tool for tracking whenever you need to find this and other V Rising bosses. 

With both these tips, you are sure to find and destroy the Duke of Balaton without much damage. However, beating the Duke of Balaton does not guarantee you the toad form. You still have to feed on the blood of this boss before the Toad form becomes part of your arsenal. 

With that said, the Toad form is an efficient V Rising transformation with exceptional capability. So, get out there and try out those jumps when getting around obstacles in your V Rising routes. 

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