How to Get Crude Gems in V Rising

If you’ve hopped in here, you must be familiar with at least the basics of V Rising. Like the fact that as a player, you assume the role of a vampire who just woke from a centuries-long deep sleep. You (the vampire) have to fight for survival in the not-so-friendly V Rising environment. Well, you aren’t alone.  Other vampires are also trying to survive the hostile environment.

Vampires utilize different resources in V rising to upgrade themselves, make weapons and acquire vital gear. The goal is to survive, and crude gems can help you achieve precisely that. That said, let’s find out how you can get these essential resources.

How to Get Crude Gems in V Rising

There are only two methods of obtaining crude gems:

  • Buying the stones
  • Mining the gemstones

Buying Crude Gems in V Rising

You can buy crude gems from traders and merchants in V Rising. Remember, you’ve to transform into a human being before approaching them. Of course, you’ll use your silver coins to acquire the resources. 

Further, there are several crude gems you can obtain from traders and merchants. Each sells different resources at specified prices.  Here’s the breakdown:

Gavyn the Shady Dealer (crude option)

  • Emerald: 8 silver coins
  • Miststone: 8 silver coins
  • Topaz: 8 silver coins
  • Sapphire: 8 silver coins
  • Amethyst: 8 silver coins
  • Ruby: 8 silver coins

Berk the Travelling Trader (regular gemstones) 

  • Emerald: 24 silver coins
  • Topaz: 4 silver coins
  • Sapphire: 24 silver coins
  • Miststone: 24 silver coins
  • Ruby: 24 silver coins
  • Amethyst: 24 silver coins

Ottar the Merchant (flawless variety)

  • Ruby: 120 silver coins
  • Emerald: 120 silver coins
  • Sapphire: 120 silver coins
  • Miststone: 120 silver coins
  • Amethyst: 120 silver coins
  • Topaz: 120 silver coins

Mining Crude Gems in V Rising

Many stone nodes abound in Vardoran. However, only go for those featuring crystal-like shards on their surfaces. A little effort is necessary since these particular nodes are rare to find. Then, use a mace to mine your gemstones. What you’ll be getting is the crude variety. Luckily you can convert them to regular and then obtain the flawless type.

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