Finding Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Numerous activities characterize the land of V Rising. At one point, you’ll be fighting some bosses. Another instance demands returning to your castle to prepare concoctions.

At the same time, you’ll be building your castle. Fishing, eating, and drinking blood are your other responsibilities. These activities are geared towards ensuring you survive the troubles in V Rising.

In this write-up, the focus is on finding Greater Blood Essence. Meanwhile, it’s worth mentioning that there are three types of Blood Essence in V Rising:

  • Blood Essence
  • Primal Blood Essence
  • Greater Blood Essence

Each of the three has a unique method of obtaining it. Blood Essence is readily available in any creature you’ll find roaming the land of V Rising. So, killing your enemies and animals will reward you with the resource. You can also obtain Blood Essence by squeezing four rats in a Blood Press.

Primal Blood Essence is highly valuable. Sadly, fetching it is one of the most daunting tasks you’ll ever complete in V Rising. You’ve to subdue Jade the Vampire Hunter, a level 62 V Blood who won’t give you an easy time. 

Difficult as it can be, you’ve to slay her to obtain the recipe for crafting Primal Blood Essence. Lastly, you’ll reach the objective of getting Greater Blood Essence. Following are details about this essential resource. 

How to Get Greater Blood Essence

Aside from helping you upgrade your Castle Heart, you can use Greater Blood Essence to transform humans into servants. Given its high potency (compared to standard Blood Essence), the resource will also help you acquire advanced structures like Servant Coffins.

V Rising provides several options to players looking to obtain Greater Blood Essence. The easiest way is looting it as a drop from strong animals, particularly level 30 and above. So, this might not be the best option if you’re in the game’s early stages.

You can also find Greater Blood Essence from Unsullied Hearts. However, the items are rare.  A little patience will go a long way to enable you to collect a decent amount as drops from tiny animals and bosses.

After collecting an adequate amount of Unsullied Hearts, you can proceed to the Blood Press. Place four Unsullied Hearts in it to obtain one Greater Blood Essence. Given the minimal chances of fetching Unsullied Hearts from animals and Bosses, this isn’t a reliable option.

The best way to find Blood Essence would be to obtain its recipe. As expected, you’ll have to subdue an enemy. In this case, it’s a level 46 boss called Tristan the Vampire Hunter. You can quickly locate him using the Blood Altar. After defeating him, collect the recipe, then craft your Blood Essence.

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