How to Get the Crystal Torrent Sorcery

The Crystal Torrent Sorcery is one of Elden Ring’s best go-to attack weapons for anyone looking to deal damage against enemies. 

First, the spell type is capable of considerable damage, with one spell cast bringing out crystal shards to shoot at your enemies in quick succession. You can also count on the Crystal Torrent spell to continuously barrage your opponent with the crystal shards by charging it down. In addition, this spell is your best bet at dealing considerable damage since each shard’s size is large enough to cause severe damage even when the blow lands nearby.

Such characteristics make it great to have as part of your Elden Ring arsenal of weapons. However, having the Crystal Torrent sorcery is not a straightforward process, with the game needing you to take on opponents. Here is what you need to do to get your Crystal Torrent spell.

How to Get the Crystal Torrent sorcery

Your quest to get the Crystal Torrent spell will need you to beat all three Putrid Crystalian bosses of the Sellia Hideaway within Caelid. These Crystalians will shed out the Crystal Torrent after each successful battle you have in which you kill them off.

However, fighting these Crystalians needs a different approach from the standard quest challenges.

To begin with, these Pultrid Crystalians are unlike the typical Crystalians since they inflict fatal damage with their signature scarlet rot attack against foes. In addition, you need to fight and defeat all three Putrid Crystalian bosses in one battle.

While both scenarios make it seem impossible, you still can defeat the Pultrid Crystalians and get your Crystal Torrent spell. So, how do you beat these boss enemies and get your spell reward? Let’s find out.

How to Defeat the Pultrid Crystalians

The fight against the Pultrid Crystalians is no easy feat, even though possible with the right advice. Here are the tips to take on and defeat the Pultrid Crystalians for your Crystal Torrent spell.

  • Increase your initial attack rate till you break the Crystalians’ poise.
  • Use a distraction like summoning a Spirit Ash to distract the Crystalians and give you more attack chances.
  • Combine defensive and offensive spells to counter the attacks of the Crystalians while also protecting yourself
  • Get each hand to wield weapons to level up with fighting against the Crystalians

Your path to getting the Crystal Torrent spell should now be easy with our beforehand knowledge.

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