How to Beat the Winged Horror in V Rising?

One of top bosses with valuable rewards in V Rising is the Winged Horror. He is a supernatural beast and one of Dracula’s former pets. Such a name tag makes the Winged Horror a valuable boss to conquer and collect V Rising artifacts. 

Moreover, the Winged Horror is a dangerous foe, even for fellow bosses. In this quick guide, we sought out the best tips to take on this level 78 boss and come out successful. 

Here’s what to know. 

Finding the Winged Horror

The V Rising boss’ headquarters are on the high land section known as the Dreaded Peak. 

To get to this location, you must travel to the Hallowed Mountains on the Southeast border section. Then transform to a bat and fly to the Dreaded Peak. 

The Bat form is available after defeating the Nightmarshal Styx, a Dracula Era vampire boss. 

After flying to the Dreaded Peak, your opponent(the Winged Horror) can be found in the arena-like section of this area. 

Taking on the Winged Horror

Fighting the Winged Horror can be daunting if you are not well informed beforehand. For example, the Winged Horror is excellent at close-range attacks, and this means keeping a safe distance.

In particular, mobility-based attacks would come in handy as you counter this boss’ attacks in the following ways.

  • The Winged Horror unleashes a hail fire with blazing fire orbs, which you can defend against by moving away. 
  • The spin attacks see this boss unleash attacks in a circle and different directions. Since this attack splits into various pieces, it is wise to use long-range attacks. 
  • The fire breath and vortex is a deadly attack combo with the Winged Horror able to scotch plus deal magic damage. To be safe, be sure you are not a nearby target. 
  • This boss can also charge at you with two orbs before ending the attack with a tail swipe. Your best action would be to dodge both these attacks by trying to draw away from the fight. 

From the outlook, you can tell it is best to attack the Winged Horror from long-range. So, arm yourself with the necessary long-distance abilities and weaponry before even engaging this supernatural V Rising beast. 

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