How to Get the Miststone in V Rising?

Miststone will help you craft different gear and weapons (details available in the next sections). So, it’s intelligent to familiarize yourself with the farming locations to increase your chances of survival. Besides, having the best gear and weapons means a more adventurous V Rising journey.

Just like Gemdust, Miststone is readily available in V Rising. In fact, it’s something you’ll come across pretty early in the game. However, you’re likely to miss the opportunity to hoard this gemstone if your knowledge is limited. That said, here’s how to get Miststone in V Rising.

Methods of Getting Miststone in V Rising

There are three ways of obtaining Miststone:

  • Mine stone nodes 
  • Attack stone golems
  • Buy from traders

Getting Miststone from Stone Nodes

If you’ve ever mined Iron ore or copper ores in V Rising, you must have noticed you obtained exactly what you were looking for. Sadly, you won’t be enjoying that experience when farming Miststone. Instead, you’ll obtain several types of gemstones, Miststone inclusive. 

Aside from attacking stone golems, you can also obtain Miststone from stone nodes. Nonetheless, make sure you go for those with crystal-like shards on the surface. Once you identify one, you’ll need to break it to obtain crude Miststone plus:

  • Amethyst 
  • Topaz
  • Emerald  
  • Sapphire 
  • Ruby 

Get Miststone from Traders and Merchants 

Your other bet is traders and merchants. So, get your silver coins, head to the market and obtain as much Miststone as you want. Remember, the prices differ according to the type of Miststone you’ll buy. Here are the details:

  • Crude Miststone: Available from Gavyn, the Shady Dealer for 8 silver coins
  • Regular Miststone: Buy it from Berk, the Travelling Trader for 24 silver coins
  • Flawless Miststone: Ottar the Merchant has this going for 120 silver coins

You can also buy Crude Miststone, use it to obtain Regular Miststone, and then craft the Flawless type. Remember, you require 4 Crude Miststones to get one Regular Miststone. Similarly, four Regular Mistostones will fetch you one Flawless Miststone. 

Further, each of the three has a specific application in V Rising. Aside from obtaining Regular Miststone, Crude Miststone can help you obtain mist signet (a powerful magic source). Meanwhile, Flawless Miststone will help you get Sanguine Reaper. Lastly, the Regular variety will help you obtain:

  • Flawless Miststone
  • Merciless Iron Reaper
  • Misty Necklace
  • The General’s Soul Reaper
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