V Rising: Where To Find Solarus the Immaculate

Anyone looking to reach the maximum level on V Rising is aware of the final game boss, Solarus the Immaculate.

For beginners, Solarus stands out as the boss of all vampire bosses and the most potent foe you may have to face. However, like most bosses, the daunting task starts with finding Solarus the Immaculate’s actual location.

Today, you get to learn where you can find this final boss and how you can fight against it even better. Let’s find out

Finding Solarus the Immaculate

If you seek Solarus the Immaculate, you first need to reach the Silverlight Hills. The boss is usually on the eastern portion of these Hills, which also acts as the boss’ stronghold.

Since this is the stronghold, it is wise to consistently level up your character, weapons, and equipment before taking on this boss. For those not aware, Solarus is a level 80 boss, so it is vital to have a character with the same or an extra level as the boss.

With the right character, you are now ready to track Solarus to its base, the Fortress of Light.

Since Solarus is a valuable V Blood, the tracking is possible, making it a potential tracking target. When looking to set off the monitoring, you will need to use the Blood Altar as a tool to track the Solarus.

However, you must first own the Altar of Blood blueprint before using the Blood Altar as a Solarus tracker. Each player can hold this blueprint by completing the Hunt quest as a preceding requirement. You will have to gather 10 Blood Essence and 180 Stones from this quest, which you will use to build the blueprint through the Build menu.

Fighting the Solarus

The fight against Solarus the Immaculate could be a difficult mission without the right tips. You will need to first muster your best possible armory and gear before taking on the Solarus.

Secondly, when up against Solarus, it’s wise not for it to be a solo fight since it could be a handful. If possible, it is best to have a clan accompany you whenever you are up against Solarus the Immaculate. With your clan backing, you get multiple allies to help you fight the final boss.

Since you now know Solarus’s location, we hope you can set yourself up for the fight and eliminate Solarus to make you a Vampire Lord.

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