How to Get Silk in V Rising

Earlier on in the game, you may not find Silk meaningful. However, progressing to the endgame demands enhanced armor. Otherwise, your survival chances in V Rising will be pretty slim since some areas are dangerous.

More specifically, Silk will come in handy when you start progressing to the Cursed Forest and the deadly Silverlight Hills. The resource will help you acquire and repair the Bloodmoon set, an essential high-level armor. With better gear, you can be sure to defeat the bosses that rule the regions and progress to gear level 80.

Remember, Silk is among the scarce resources in V Rising. However, this guide will reveal how you can get Silk in V Rising with minimum hustle. 

Let’s get started.

How to Get Silk in V Rising

Silk is a rare resource, and so are its farming locations. The easier option is to collect it from the containers, chest, and barrels in the West Zone of V Rising. However, the drop rate is pretty low.

Remember, you’ll require an abundance of Silk to upgrade your gear. In this case, you’ll be looking to acquire the Bloodmoon Battlegear. Meanwhile, 32 Silk. Since 8 Highland Lotus, 4 Cloth, and 4 Silkworm will yield one Silk. You’ll need 256 Highland Lotus, 128 Cloth, and 128 Silkworms to craft the Bloodmoon gear to completion.  Put simply; this might not be a viable option.

You can bet on crafting since it often yields sizable amounts of Silk. You’ll complete the building process in a Loom, and here are the essentials to help you achieve the objective:

  • The Highland Lotus: You’ll find an abundance of the Highland Lotus in the Harpy Nests found towards the Northern and Southern parts of Silverlight Hills.
  • Silkworms: To get Silkworms, you’ll have to transverse to the Cursed Forest, then find your way into the Spider Cave.
  • Cloth: If you want a considerable drop of Cloth, you’ll have to defeat Christina, the Priestess, and Beatrice, the Tailor. It’s also available as drops in Dawnbreak Village, located in Dunley Farmlands. Lastly, you can kill creatures and people to obtain the resource

You’ll have to defeat Beatrice, the Tailor, to access the blueprint for crafting the Loom. Also, you’ll need to battle Angora the Spider Queen to obtain the Silk crafting recipe. After you’ve everything ready, you can proceed to the Loom and start the crafting process.

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