V Rising: How to Deal With Sun Damage

As an awakened Vampire Lord in V Rising, there is no denying the plenty of intrigues as you explore your character. 

The giant ball of fire in the sky is a big hurdle for the vampire characters within V Rising. Early in the game, the sun is often a considerable challenge since there is no accurate explainer on how best to avoid getting scorched and losing health points. 

This quick guide covers how the sun works in V Rising and the best ways to avoid taking damage from it. Here’s what to know. 

Dealing With The Sun in V Rising 

In reality, vampires and the sun are not a great mix. This is the same for V Rising, as your vampire character can quickly get sun damage during the daytime. 

Typically, sun damage occurs each second you remain outside in the daylight. Your vampire body starts emitting small fires while your health indicator screen becomes brighter as a warning. 

If the exposure to the sun continues, you are bound to see a light beam from the sky directly on your vampire body. Every second you are in the daylight, you will lose ten damage points for your vampire character, with V Rising giving you a window period of three to four seconds. 

However, you can avoid sun damage by using these relevant tips to prevent your vampire body from disintegrating. 

Get To A Shaded Area

Counteract sun damage as a vampire by getting a shade as fast as possible. Even if your mission is in an open area, players can be quick enough to avoid sun damage by being under a shade. Occasionally, this can be seeking refuge under a tree or rock formation before succumbing to sun damage. 

Avoid Daytime Fights/Missions

Postpone fights until the nighttime. Such a move helps you avoid sun damage while also helping you get a fair chance at the battle without having to deal with the daylight.

Now that you have the two best solutions, you can avoid sun damage from the game’s onset. Just be sure to learn the shady areas of your map to your advantage.

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