Where to Find Foulrot the Soultaker

Foulrot the Soultaker is a level 62 V Blood. Given his level, he’s among the bosses you’ll tackle towards the end of the game. Regardless of the group, however, V Bloods are valuable enemies in V Rising.

Locating, attacking, and defeating them unlocks different recipes, abilities, and blueprints. You know what that means already—being able to work on your castle and obtaining better equipment. 

In other words, you’ll empower yourself to thrive in the dangerous land of V Rising. That said, let’s get the details about where you can find Foulrot the Soultaker and enjoy the goodies locked up inside him.

Where to Find Foulrot the Soultaker 

You’ll find Foulrot in the lair of Gorecrusher Behemoth. To locate him quickly, focus on the eastern part of the lair, an area found in the Second Ancient Village of the Cursed Forest. V Rising provides two options to access the Foulrot’s residence:

  • Use the main road to enter the village
  • Use the entrance to the west of the area

While either option will lead you to Foulrot’s location, each delivers a set of special perks. Unless you’re OK with attracting the attention of other enemies and battling them, it’s best to use the main road. Your chances of winning the battle are pretty high since you’ll be dealing with Foulrot alone.

Meanwhile, choose the alternative entryway to avoid Banshees, Skeleton Bishops, and Skeleton Mages that rule the village. While at it, ensure you aren’t drawn to the center of the abandoned village. Else, you’ll attract a handful of other enemies making the battle pretty complicated.

Remember, Foulrot the Soultaker is a high-level V Blood. Before hunting him down, ensure you’re at least at level 60 gear and armor. Otherwise, you might take significant damage from him. You may want to bring along your friends to help you tackle the veracious Foulrot.

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