How to get Explosives in V Rising

Explosives are a great resource in V Rising. You’ll find them helpful when you reach the objective of destroying obstacles like Massive Resources Veins, barricades, doors and walls. These offensive utility items comprise Sulfur. They aren’t as popular as other weapons in the game.

In fact, you’ve to play for about five to six hours to learn the crafting process. It’s probably why some players are unaware of the existence and importance of explosives. Further, there are two types of explosives in V Rising—minor and major and here’s how to get them.

How to Get a Minor Explosive Box in V Rising 

The first recipe you’ll lay your hands on is the Minor Explosive Box. Before then, you’ll have to battle down Clive the Firestarter and consume his blood to unlock the necessary goodies. This level 30 V Blood lives in Bandit Sulfur Quarry. 

The area is located South of the Gleaming Meadows on the West of Farbane Woods. You can also use the Blood Altar to track this essential enemy.

Clive is easy to defeat. However, he’s ruthless and can deal significant damage if you attempt to attack him using melee abilities. For that reason, it’s best to wait until you’re at level 30 before approaching him. Defeating him will reward you with:

  • Blueprints for Decorative Structures
  • Veil of Chaos
  • Components for the Alchemy Table

Before leaving the quarry, make sure you’ve hoarded enough Sulfur Ore. Else, you’ll have to collect it later, which will consume time. After obtaining Sulfur Ore, you can proceed to the Alchemy Table and start crafting your Minor Explosive Box and Sulfur powder.

However, you’ll need to build the Alchemy Table first. Here are the building resources and where to find them:

100 Blood Essence: You’ll obtain this from farming enemy mobs 

16 Plank: It’s a product of Lumber refined at the Sawmill

12 Sulfur:  This is the byproduct of placing 15 Sulfur Ore in the Furnace

With the Alchemy Table ready, you’ll require 8 Plank, 4 Whetstone and 8 Sulfur to craft a single Minor Explosive Box. Meanwhile, place Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust in the Furnace to obtain Whetstones.

How to Get a Major Explosive Box in V Rising 

Defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter will unlock the Major Explosive Box recipe. The Blood Altar will help you track the location of this level 62 boss. You can be sure to find him at the center of Dunley 

Farmlands. After obtaining the recipe, proceed to your Alchemy Table and begin the crafting process. Following are the required resources:

  • 40 Gem Dust
  • 8 Reinforced Plank
  • 12 Sulfur

Crafting the Minor Explosive Box takes about a minute. You can use it to break Resource Veins, wooden walls and doors. Meanwhile, you’ll require one and a half minutes to obtain a single Major Explosive Box. It’s more potent and can break even stone walls and stones.

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