How to Build a Roof in V Rising

Just like you can take damage from an enemy, as a vampire the sun can hurt you. That’s why you must travel at night and sunproof your castle. Else, you’ll wilt away. 

You can rely on Mist Braziers to protect yourself, the castle’s interior and its residents from harmful rays. However, they require bones for fuel and deny you the aesthetics of a well-built castle. So, building a roof is the better option and here’s how to achieve the goal.

How to Build a Roof in V Rising

The truth is that there’s no direct way to build a roof in V Rising. In other words, no bosses to battle down, no recipe or resources to collect, no crafting. No nothing. 

Instead, the sun blocker automatically forms relative to the game’s default settings. However, you’ve to satisfy preset conditions for the roof to come on: replace the Palisades with a Reinforced Wall and work on your castle’s floor. 

Before that, however, you’ll be required to craft a Research Desk and upgrade your Castle Heart. It’ll enable you to reach the 14th Journal Quest of castle building. According to V Rising, your primary objective at that point will be ensuring your castle is a “fitting place to rest, to recover, to rule.”

How to Achieve the Objective and Build a Roof in V Rising

Satisfying the objective of the Quest is easy. You’ll only be required to raise a Confined Castle Room. That’s as simple as building a Reinforced Wall to obtain different-sized structures. You need resources (Plank and Stone Brick).

You can obtain Planks by refining Lumber in a Sawmill and craft Stone Bricks in the Grinder. Make sure to have the size of the structure in hindsight to help you gather an adequate amount of Planks and Stones.

The Flooring step is also easy—open the Build Menu, go to Castle Floor and select floor. Next, place the Flooring in the area surrounded by the Reinforced Wall. Lastly, create a doorway for the structure using a Reinforced Entrance. After that, the roof automatically appears.

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