How do you get a Horse in V Rising?

Why would you want to trudge along the vast expanse of Varadon land, fearful of the sun and enemies, while there are better ways to move around? The only reason would be if you lack the knowledge of available transportation options in V Rising.

Aside from transforming into a wolf, you can use teleporters or mount a horse and enjoy increased speed. Horses are better than the other two options since they are easy to obtain and maintain. Further, horses have no resource restrictions like portals. So, let’s take the deep and learn more about this amazing V Rising resource.

How do you get a Horse in V Rising?

Horses abound in Dunley Farmlands. The quickest way to lay your hands on one is via the southeast entrance. Also, the Militia Encampments are an excellent horse hunting spot. The area is located between Dunley and Farbane. You can also look for horses in any location featuring a farm-like setup.

You’ll often find horses tied to wagons in towns or chilling out in farm stables. You can also quickly scan the map to tell if there are horses in a specific area. If you spot a horse icon, know that the region is the home of horses.

After finding a horse, mounting it is pretty straightforward. Just approach it, hold the interact key, and the horse will be yours. You’re free to return the horse to your castle. It’ll remain there until when the need to use it arises. However, if you forget where you left your horse, you’ll have to fetch another from Dunley Farmlands.

Each horse has predefined stats: Rotation Speed, Max Speed, and Acceleration. While rotation speed represents how fast a horse can turn, Max Speed shows how quickly the horse will go. Acceleration indicates how long it’ll take to reach Max Speed. Since you can’t change the stats, press the inventory key to confirm that what you’re getting meets your game-level requirements.

Controlling and Preserving your Horse

Each horse walks slowly per the game’s default settings. Press Space to increase its speed. Q will bring up the reticle to help you dismount. Pressing it a second time allows you to dismount fully. It’s wise to dismount in a safe place since horses can take off if an enemy frightens them.

You can ride your horse and take on an enemy. However, that can be fiddly and therefore not recommended. If you really have to, use a melee weapon and not abilities or weapon skills.

Lastly, keeping your horse hydrated is vital. Otherwise, it’ll perish. So, go ahead and craft a water skin, fill it with water and give it to your horse. Repeat the procedure every 7.5 hours to keep your horse in good shape.

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