V Rising: How to Farm Glass

Even as you strive to survive in V Rising, your other assignment is building your castle. Inside the building, you’ll have different-sized rooms as well as halls. That said, you’ll be fixing glass windows,and at that point, glass becomes a must-have resource.

Secondly, brewing concoctions is inevitable. You’ll need a place to store the different life-saving brews. Again,, glass will help you craft glass bottles to help keep your blood, Mana, and other potions safe. By the way, glass bottles aren’t recyclable. That means getting an adequate supply of glass to satisfy your storage needs.

Glass becomes rare towards the end game. You’ll want to avoid a last-minute rush and start hoarding it early. Also, starting earlier will give you adequate time to obtain as much glass as possible. Next is the step-by-step procedure of farming glass in  V Rising.

How to Farm Glass

Like most resources in V Rising, you’ll have to unlock the recipe first. You’ll have to battle Christina the Sun Priestess to achieve the objective. The level 44 V Blood loves patrolling the roads between Mosswock and Dawnbreak. You can look her up around there. You can also click on Track Blood to find her exact location quickly.

Make sure you’re well prepared. This V Blood is known to shred under-leveled players. Long-range attacks, defensive and evasive abilities will help you tackle her. Also, attack the V Boss outside Dawnbreak to steer clear of other enemies found in the region.

A slain Christina will give you access to:

  • Glass Recipe
  • Empty Glass Bottle Recipe
  • Holy Resistance Potion Recipe
  • Purgatory Power
  • Blood Rose Potion Recipe

Now you have the glass recipe already. The next step is to obtain quartz, head to the Furnace, and start crafting glass. If you don’t have a Furnace yet, first establish your Castle Heart. Then, fetch 480 stone and 60 copper ores and use them to build a Furnace.

Obtaining quartz is easy. You can get it as it drops from enemies in Dunley Farmlands, though you’ll only fetch a small amount. You can also harvest quartz from stone nodes in Dunley Farmlands. 

The best way to obtain enough quartz is to collect it as drops from enemies at Dunley Monastery. While at it, ensure you’ve got an adequate supply of Holy Resistance Potions to survive the harsh Monastery environment.

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