V Rising: How to Catch Fish

Life in V Rising is somewhat similar to everyday living on earth. For instance, vampires eat. They fight to survive, and like humans, they also enjoy different hobbies like fishing. Fish is delicious and nutritious. Besides, you can use fish oil, bones and scales to craft various equipment in V Rising. 

There are two ways to catch fish in V Rising: shoot them in a barrel or fishing. This guide will focus on fishing which is the easier option. Let’s jump right in.

How to Catch Fish in V Rising

The primary requirement is a fishing pole and knowing where to find fish. The tool is obtained by crafting it on a woodworking bench. Before casting your line, you’ll also need to equip the fishing pole.

A keen eye and speed are other nice-to-haves for a successful hunting experience. Notice when the water splashes and quickly left-click. You’ll either catch fish or some other loot. Here’s a list of fishing locations in V Rising:

  • Dunley Farmlands near the Colosseum
  • The northern part of the Frozen Cave in Hallowed Mountains
  • Bandit Armory in Farbane Woods 
  • Brighthaven Docks in Silverlight Hills
  • The western side of Cursed Forests

Obtaining the Necessary Recipes

There’s a battle to be won before fishing commences. So, find your way to Farbane Woods and head to the Bandit Logging Camp where Rufus the Foreman resides. You can also use the boss location page to locate him quickly. 

The level 20 V Blood is an easy one. However, this is an enemy; therefore, caution is necessary. That said, have your Merciless weapons and gear to give yourself an edge. Battle him down and drink his blood to unlock the recipe for crafting the woodworking bench and the fish pole. 

You’ll require 12 planks and 60 hides to craft the woodworking bench. Meanwhile, 4 copper Ingots, 8 planks, and 4 course threads will help you obtain the fish pole. Planks and animal hides are easy to fetch. 

Melting copper ore which you can obtain from mines, will provide you with Copper Ingots. Human enemies will supply you with coarse threads. So, visiting bandit camps to get the loot will be necessary. 

Once you have the necessary resources, head to your castle and start the crafting process. Remember to start with the woodworking bench. Once completed, use it to craft the fish pole. That’s it! Find a fishing spot and catch as many fish as you want.

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