V Rising: How to Find and Beat Beatrice the Tailor

Activating a vampire in V Rising helps you unlock different abilities and bluffs. Consequently, you obtain enhanced speeds, enjoy regenerated health and acquire better equipment giving you an edge during combat.

Beatrice the Tailor is one of the enemies you’ll want to defeat to access the powers locked within her. By the way, she’s the only tailor in V Rising, and with the right strategies, it’s easy to defeat. You’ll learn how to find and beat Beatrice quickly in this write-up.

How to Find Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice is hard to find since she isn’t stationary. She prefers roaming. The Blood Altar can help you track this level 38 V Blood. Her precise location is Dawnbreak Village which lies in the Southeast region of Dunley Farmlands. 

You’ll be hunting for an old, plump lady dressed in pink complete with work-related accessories including a white apron and scissors.  Also, her name often appears above her head. So, spotting her is easy.

Since Beatrice, the Tailor is a high-level boss; it’s best to avoid attacking her if you’re still new to the game. So, wait to achieve a  similar or slightly higher level than the Tailor’s.

Unlike most V Rising Bosses, Beatrice won’t fight back when attacked. She has a simple yet highly effective defense mechanism: run away while screaming the moment she sees you. The commotion draws the attention of guards and fellow villagers who’ll start pursuing you. If you lack the proper strategy, you’ll be overwhelmed, and escaping alive is a near-impossible mission. 

How to Beat Beatrice the Tailor

Beating Beatrice simply means bringing her health down. So, use your melee weapon to hit her as she runs around. Meanwhile, Chaos Valley ability will deal burning damage to the old lady. It’s essential to keep your eye on Beatrice the Tailor without forgetting the guards. 

If you suspect the mob might overwhelm you, pause and deal with it, then turn your focus on the V Blood. You’ll want to be careful not to lose sight of the Tailor. The Dreed II also have this. She can disappear from the screen. You’ll have to find her again.

Also, use dash ability to get as close as possible to Beatrice and keep the Militia Soldiers from catching up with you. Deal as much damage as possible, and when Beatrice surrenders; drink her blood to obtain the following:

The Tailors Flooring: It helps you craft the loom for processing cotton and curtains for a beautiful castle

Human Form Power: The ability helps you disguise as a human so that you can trade with merchants and infiltrate settlements fearlessly.

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