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New World: Full Character Progression System

Amazon’s upcoming MMORPG Amazon New World is fast approaching, and a myriad of new and exciting progression systems are ready to be launched alongside it.

The New World developers didn’t opt for the tried-and-tested approach where players can choose characters based on a class list. Instead, a classless combat system was enacted — giving the players maximum freedom on how they’ll grow their characters.

To survive the challenges of the New World, you’ll need to develop new abilities and skills as you journey across the land.

Amazon New World follows three progression categories

  • Core attributes
  • Trade skills
  • Weapon mastery

Players have the freedom to master any Trade Skill or weapon as they wish, creating a unique experience. This deviates away from other games where you have to create a character that fits into a rigid archetype for the duration of the game. 

In short, Amazon New World grants anyone to maximize the stats of one single character.

While Trade Skills and Weapon Mastery upskilling is up to you, your Core Attributes plays an important role in the overall quality of your build. 

Here are the three progression systems in Amazon New World explained.

Core Attributes

For those unfamiliar, Core Attributes govern how powerful your character is relative to the other hostile players and creatures across the world of Aeternum.

When you first touch down on Aeternum, you’ll get 5 points in each core attribute. These core attributes are:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Focus
  • Constitution

Every time you level up, you gain 1 point you can use to level up your Core Attributes. The Level cap for a character is set to 60, so you’ll only have a finite amount of points to allocate to each of your Core Attributes.


Strength ties to the power of heavy melee weapons. This includes War Hammers, Greatswords, and Handaxes.

Lighter melee weapons also scale off strength, but it also is affected by Dexterity. These include Swords and Hatchets.


This attribute is responsible for the effectiveness of your ranged weapons and also some melee weapons. This includes bows, muskets, rapiers, and pistols. 


Intelligence increases the power of magical weapons and magical perks (like the Ignited perk) that weapons may have. This includes a Fire Staff and the perks of a magical sword.


Focus governs Mana recovery and how effective your Life Staff is. A higher focus allows players to cast more spells at a shorter time, but it can also allow players to cast abilities more frequently. Focus can be a good combo with weapons with a cooldown ability.


Your constitution considers the Health Pool of your character. The higher the constitution, the better your character is in sustaining damage. This is not only to dodge but also to succumb to injuries caused by enemies.

Weapon Mastery

This system is responsible for the progression of each weapon you gain access to in the world of Aeternum. Since New World doesn’t have any classes, this category is the menu where you can pick and choose your active skills, passive modifiers, and weapon-exclusive bonuses.

For example, you can choose skills that give you the ability to draw and throw your axe — enabling you to play a part as a ranged combatant which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

Each weapon has two Skill Trees that can be developed. If you want to reclass your weapons, you’ll need Azoth to Respec Mastery Trees, which can be gained from participating in Corrupted Invasion missions or dealing with the waves of The Corrupted.

To level up weapons, you’ll have to defeat enemies with them in combat. Each weapon in Amazon New World can be upgraded and mastered to completion.

Some weapons also come with Ability slots which are bound by Q, R, and F by default in computers. These are specific perks that you gain per weapon. One cool thing about the weapon pool is some cooldowns transfer between weapons. This means you won’t be able to do any sick combos all in one go.

So keep in mind: the features of the game forces you to consider your Core Attributes like Focus, which is responsible for reducing cooldowns quicker between attacks, as a means to gain utility and an upper hand in battle if Proced correctly.

Trade Skills

This is responsible for the non-combat skills that you can also scale and progress in. There are Trade Skills that you can choose from which have unique non-combat skills players can master.

In particular, there are 5 Gathering Skills, 5 Refining Skills, and seven Crafting Skills.

5 Gathering Skills

  • Mining
  • Skinning
  • Logging
  • Harvesting
  • Fishing

As you level up the various Gathering skills, you also unlock the ability to obtain better resources scattered around the world. At the start of your Amazon New World playthrough, you may be able to only gather resources like iron for instance. Then, as you progress, you can gain orichalcum and starmetal too.

Miners gather minerals such as stone and ore. Skinners gather animal hide, while loggers chop down bark to obtain wood resources. Harvesters get fiber, fruit, and vegetables. Fishers catch fish and sea creatures.

As your trade skill increases,  you gain the ability to detect nearby resources. You also can craft special resources to modify new equipment that can help you as you craft and complete your compendium of resources.

5 Refining Skills

Here are the 5 Refining Skills you can master in Amazon New World.

  • Smelting – refine ore and ingots
  • Stonecutting – cut Gemstones and refine Stone into Blocks
  • Woodworking – refine Wood to turn to Lumber
  • Tanning – refine Rawhide into Leather
  • Weaving – turn Fibers into Cloth

As you gain more experience and hone your crafting skills, you’ll become more resource-efficient and up your chances of gaining extra refined resources while crafting.

7 Crafting Skills

Here are the 7 Crafting Skills you can master in Amazon New World.

  • Weaponsmiths – making weapons
  • Armorers – craft soft and hard armor
  • Jewelcrafters – craft trinkets (to help you move past the Level 60 soft cap)
  • Engineers – craft ranged weapons and ammo
  • Arcanists – craft tinctures, potions, and magical weapons.
  • Cooks – cook and create meals or non-magical drinks
  • Furnishers – focus on furniture, storage, and trophies for houses (good since housing items like trophies give a bonus to each item you craft)

Leveling these skills unlock more recipes and powerful versions, which can help you gain more legendaries and powerful versions of the items you’ve already crafted.

Closing Thoughts

To learn more about the latest Amazon MMORPG, A New World, check out the New World website for any release and updates.

Amazon Games will release its upcoming PC MMO on September 28th, 2021.

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