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7 demands from the people of Aeturnum

1. Release the game

The world of Aeturnum is absolutely beautiful and has a tremendous amount of things to offer whether you are a farmer, crafter, dungeon player, or PvPer. The players feel that it is ready. There is enough here to keep people occupied for the first few months, and if you are really expecting another big patch by September, then perfect we can play off that and learn what you add into the game. This is essentially what WoW has been and a few other games. Even Fortnite matches that system. You have the base game that people play for time consumption and then you make that extra storyline with the patches and we can play more into the story and explore whatever you add. Waiting until you have so much content we can’t finish it in months is just unrealistic.

2. Reduce experience gain for farming/crafting

Someone shouldn’t be able to jump 10+ levels after they hit 20 when a lot of the game seems to be based on the experience during leveling. People can cheese that whole system by just cutting down trees for a few hours. The reason why this is an issue is that there will be a large gap between casual players and streamers or just people that have an insane amount of time on their hands. That gap will always be there, that is understood, but there is no reason to let it get to be an even larger gap.

3. Wipes for the first few major patches

They seem to be a bit controversial and go against your typical MMO’s but this is not your typical MMO. A lot of MMO’s take after WoW in the sense that a lot of the fun stuff is end-game content. Right now for New World leveling is the main draw for people and so it makes sense to wipe every six months to both make sure players aren’t bored and also include more of the older players into the new updates that may happen. Once New World has developed end game content that will keep players occupied it would make sense to stop wiping servers so that players can start collecting suits, furniture, and whatever else they wish.

4. Transmog

Ability to choose what your crafted armor looks like. People have the capability to look like a hardcore corrupted demon spawn but can’t quite do it right because the best helmet they have happens to be a pirate hat. Adding a few materials, maybe dyes or motes to change what type of armor it is would be really nice. Everyone loves to look good, and if you make some transmog acheivements based on rare things or just have random easter egg crafting instructions it will be an amazing addition to the game. People can be the forsaken, pirates, or whoever, and that is always something people will grind for. You can see that in any sort of multiplayer game. People even grind out warzone for just gun skins. Adding transmogs is a way to make sure people keep playing and trying to unlock unique things within the game.

5. Conquest score balancing

When taking over a town you need to do pvp missions in that area to set up the town for an attack and the way to counter that the defenders can also do pvp missions to bring that score down. The problem is the attackers seemed to have the advantage even if there were 50-60 defenders working on pvp missions together the town would still end up going for war and the defenders would be at risk of losing their control. The Corruption was the same way, no matter how often people would make corruption groups to take out the tendrils, the corruption constantly laid siege to the cities and would break down a lot of the levels of the crafting stations and defenses.

6. Ability to change where crafting stations are in cities

Some crafting uses a couple of crafting stations and while it may seem like a minor inconvenience it really rubs you wrong when you are running across town every day for years.

7. PVP lacks a purpose

Experience, when you kill an enemy, is not quite enough reason to PVP. Currently, the way it works is that if you solo flag for PVP you will likely have a bad time unless you were able to rush the first 30 levels early on and have decent gear. It is a two-part problem because #1: Not enough people are playing PVP, there just isn’t a reason to unless you are hanging out with the boys in a decent party and you can catch people out in 1’s and 2’s. #2 is that there isn’t any bonus beyond a bit of experience. Give us skins, titles, emotes, dance moves even in order for us to show off. Maybe there is a loot incentive where our covenant vendors give us gold and supplies after 20 PVP kills that day. When you build on #2 of this you will solve a bit of #1 and then the difficulty of number 1 should be resolved because if the vast majority of the player base is PVP flagged it doesn’t matter how big your group is, there will be people ready to fight at the entrance of every single city.

Final thoughts

This is the kind of game people spend years playing, it will have its ups and downs. Even in beta, we were running sideways for a day, but the thing is people stuck with it and kept playing until it was fixed. The players of New World understand that the game will have bugs, but we love the views, the numerous challenges provided by the game, and the other competitive players. This is also a call for good end-game content. Maybe a handful of quests make me grind out dungeons to free people from the corruption. Something similar to Torghast in shadowlands. Whatever ends up happening for end-game content needs to be something that will be able to be done for the next year. This is a 4000-hour game, not a 400-hour game. The groundwork is there, it just needs that quality end game content to keep the player base there.

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