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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – EXCALIBUR Guide

The Excalibur is a legendary mythical weapon, once heralded by the great King Arthur according to legend. You can actually acquire this weapon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and it comes with its own incredibly powerful benefits. However, it’s a HUGE journey to actually acquire it. So let us show you the way to it!

How to get the Excalibur

The sword rests somewhere in the game’s world, impaled in the ground, however unlike the stories in the past; you’ll need to go through a bunch of different steps to actually be able to acquire it. To actually get this Greatsword as your own weapon, you’ll have to find 11 different tablets, each of them hidden or placed in a different location on this gigantic map. Some of these can be found in hidden caverns known as the Treasures of Britain. While the rest of the tablets are carried by the high-level Zealots in the Order of the Ancients. So, it’s easy to say that, you’ll have to grind really hard to get this weapon.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with locations on where to find each tablet and ways to hunt down each of them. It’s necessary to note that the Excalibur is an endgame weapon, and should be treated as such. It is a proper requirement that you’re at least around power level 220, but our recommendation is that you should be at Power Level 280 or higher because you might run into a ton of pain fighting the three high-level Zealots that are each guarding a tablet.

1. Mysterious Hilt Tablet – East Anglia

This is the only tablet in East Anglia, and it is found at one of the Treasures of Britain spots in a little place called Grimes Graves. You can find this tablet towards the North West side of East Anglia near the border of Grantebridgschire, directly above the Deod River. You will enter a cave and find the tablet under a bunch of pots at the end of the cave.

2. Mysterious chessboard tablet and mysterious halter tablet – Cent

The Mysterious Chessboard Tablet is one of the two tablets that can be found in Cent. It is near one of the fast travel points at the very East section of the Cent Region, a small run from the town of Canterbury. It’s a Treasures of Britain tablet, which means it can be collected without much conflict.

The second tablet in the region of Cent can be found on a high-level Zealot from the Order of the Ancients. The Zealot is called Woden and he is the weakest of the three Zealots that carry a tablet, at a power level of 220. He can be found patrolling the roads on the western side of Cent and you will run into him eventually during the Cent campaign quests.

Woden has a greatsword as his weapon, which means he can do a ton of damage with each swing he lands as a single hit. But he can be easily parried, and his counter attacks aren’t as strong as most other Zealots, as well as the fact that he is quite slow because of his weapon choice. Make sure to hit him a lot with arrows, and keep him pinned down with Rage of Hellheim!

3. Mysterious horn tablet and mysterious chariot tablet – Essexe

Right along side a small lake near the Colcestre city in Essexe, you can find the Mysterious Horn Tablet in a location called the “Old Cellar”. This is a treasures of Britain tablet, and can be found after you dive into the small lake near the town, and find your way into a cavern.

The second tablet; known as The Mysterious Chariot Tablet is carried by a high-level order of the ancients Zealot known as Heike. His power level is 250, which means that his is a super difficult fight. He’s found patrolling the west and middle parts of Essexe on his horse. In this fight, you must be careful; Heike has a shield and a greatsword, as well as the ability to use flashbangs to disorient you and throw javelins at you. So first off, get him off the roads so other soldiers are unable to help him and then parry his attacks as much as possible to drain his stun meter, after which its quite easy to take him down with Rage of Hellheim.

4. Mysterious cauldron tablet and mysterious knife tablet – Suthsexe

The first out of the two Tablets that are in Suthsexe can be found at a Treasures of Britain site. This tablet is located inside of the Santlach Mine, which is situated near the city of Crawleh at the border between Suthsexe and Cent.

Near Saint Leonard’s Altar you can find the Mysterious Knife Tablet with the Zealot Hrothgar, the strongest of the three tablet carriers. At a power level of 280, he and his Dane Axe can throw some devastating damage towards your way. So be careful and dodge his attacks as much as possible instead of parrying or counter-attacking. Brush with Death will help you tons here, as you can slow down time and get in a bunch of hits of your own after you save yourself from a hit.

5. Mysterious whetstone tablet – Snotinghamscire

This is the only tablet that can be found in Snotinghamscire, and is situated in one of the Treasures of Britain sites. It is found inside the Deoraby Spar Cavern right upon the border between Snotinghamscire and Eurvicscire, located at the north east side from the town of Hemthorpe.

6. Mysterious crock and dish tablet – Eurvicscire

This lonely tablet in Eurvicscire can be found at the site at a Treasures of Britain site located a bit more east of the previous Treasure of Britain site containing the Mysterious Whetstone Tablet. It can be found deep inside of Wiccan’s Cave which is situated above a large lake on the opposite side from the Elmet Monastery and the river near it.

7. Mysterious mantle tablet and mysterious coat tablet – Hamtunscire

The Mysterious Mantle Tablet can be found right next to the east side of Wincestre city in Hamtunscire. It is found inside of the Red Lichen Cave.

The second tablet in Hamtunscire can be found inside of a place named Wocig. This is in western side of the region, east of the Alfon River, which is situated north-east to the town of Chepelham, right next to a fast travel point.

Excalibur location – Myrddin’s Cave

Once you’ve got all of the 11 tablets, it’s time to get the Excalibur! It can be found in a cave towards the north-central side of Hamtunscire. The area is heavily infested by Bears, and is a region that is level 340 so make sure your level is high enough to actually survive them. Once you’re inside the cave, keep following the pathway and dive into the deep pit as the game wants you to. After a small underwater expedition, you will reach an large cave which is the resting place of the Excalibur Sword. Place all of the 11 tablets inside of the pillars that surround The Excalibur, and then you can interact with the sword in the middle, and pull it out!

This is a mythical weapon with a very high damage and stun ratio, if you land successful heavy finishers and critical hits, then the enemies around you get stunned for a short period. It is a super cool looking unique mythical weapon, which is probably the best Greatsword in the game!

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