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How to Make and Upgrade Workbench in Valheim

Released on 2 February 2021, Valheim overcomes the gaming industry like a storm, and more than 5 million copies have been sold within one month on Steam. Without any doubt, the developer, Iron Gate Studio, did a great job whenever it comes to graphics, a well-written storyline, and mechanics. Firstly, let us introduce the game’s premise, then we would move back to the main topic. 

Moreover, the game’s premise is that players assume the Vikings’ roles in the afterlife theme, where they are supposed to craft useful tools, create shelters to survive, and battle against enemies. The game brings 3D graphics to your device and gives you the option of navigating the land from a third-person viewpoint. There’s an extensive combat system heavily inspired by action games. Furthermore, the game features several biomes for the players, including the following: Mountains, Mistlands, Meadows, Deep North, Ashlands, and more. 

Why is the Workbench essential?

There’s a common question that comes to every new player whenever they start their journey in Valheim… “How to Craft a Workbench in Valheim.” The next vital thing is to upgrade your Workbench once you have built it. Before starting, let me briefly describe Workbench, an integral crafting table that you need to begin your journey of building a small house to a massive shelter.

In short, all of your growth revolves around the Workbench because it is the place where you work hard to design the structure, tools, and other equipment and then utilize them to fulfill your requirements. It would help if you kept in mind that crafting your first Workbench isn’t rocket science. It’s also extremely handy, because everyone needs it nearby them to repair damaged items, craft new equipment, or construct a base. Workbench lets you create whatever you want in the first place. 

How to Craft a Workbench?

Indeed, you might have played many survival games; each one is asking you to collect resources like woods, stones, flowers, and many other things to craft objects; similarly, to build a Workbench you need at least 10 woods that you can acquire by merely collecting branches spread on the land.

Note: Here, we would love to recommend you craft a Stone Axe that requires 4 Stones and 5 Wood to be built. Although the said item may take a few additional minutes, the stone ax helps you chop down trees faster than your expectation. 

When building a workbench, you should keep an extra amount of wood aside to use when you need it. It saves you a lot of time during the process. Apart from that, you have to craft a Hammer (2 Stone and 3 Woods) to unlock the recipe of Workbench. Once done, you should toggle the Stone Axe to the hammer and hit right-click to open the menu. Choosing the crafting tab may help you decide the place to place the Workbench.

Start Building a Roof

Once the construction of Workbench gets completed, the game promotes you to build a roof for your shelter. At that time, using a Stone Axe may be helpful to start creating an essential wooden home.

How to Upgrade Workbench in Valheim?

For sure, you have read how easy it is to build a workbench, on the other hand, upgrading it may be a tricky job – but is it pretty simple. The thing you have to do is to spend your time exploring the map, collecting items required to upgrade your tools, and acquiring vital materials to unlock new recipes. I’ve compiled a list of things you need to upgrade Valheim Workbench. 

• Chopping Block: Level 2 (10 Flints and 10 Wood) – You can unlock the recipe by merely visiting the locations near the water. 

• Tanning Rack: Level 3 (10 Woods, 5 Deer Hides, 20 Leather Scraps, and 15 Flints) – You should kill a deer that is often roaming near the water. 

• Adze: Level 4 (10 Fine Woods and 4 Bronzes) – You can grab Fine Woods from Birch Trees to craft Bronze; keep in mind that you need a Forge. 

• Tool Shelf: Level 5 (1 Fine Wood, 4 Iron, and 4 Obsidian) – You can collect Fine Wood from Birch Trees, while Smelt Scrap Iron and Obsidian available in the Mountains. 

It is good to know that all the above items depend on your workbench level. Upon unlocking new recipes of all things mentioned above will help you level up your Workbench. In case you successfully manage to make and place two items, your Workbench level will be three. That means you can upgrade your tools as you level up your Workbench to make them more durable. Besides that, having a high-level workbench, you build whatever you need for survival and defeat enemies within no time.

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