5 Strategies to Help You Boss Fortnite as a Beginner

Being a beginner is interesting. You’re suddenly exposed to a new world, a new challenge, and then you get caught up from behind by an opponent and get shot. Well, we’ve all been there, and I’m here to change that for you. 

Here are FIVE strategies to help you be a boss at Fortnite as a beginner

1.  Land near a treasure chest

Always pick a location to drop where there’s a guaranteed treasure chest. Also, be sure you land before anyone else does, because if they open the chest first, you’re likely to get shot and possibly die.  

You land first, you get the armor first, and the better chance you have of defending yourself/attacking the enemy.

2.  Defend yourself at all costs

The objective of the game is to be the last man standing/last team standing. In order to make sure your team is the last to remain in the game – going on the defense doesn’t sound as bad.

Make sure to find a good hiding spot, where there isn’t a threat of a storm. Forests work great for hiding spots since they’re massive, and also spaces below staircases.

It’s usually common to find treasure chests under stair cases too, so you could find some armor and hide.

Once someone else tries to find a treasure chest and suspects it to be below the staircase where you’re hiding, take your aim and fire.

3.  Stay in contact with your team

Communication is key. Making sure you’re in the loop with the rest of your teammates makes it all the more easier for you to decide whether to attack or hide.

A storm could be brewing and you could be far away from it, but a teammate near the storm could alert you.

Also chances are you could be injured at some point of the game, and you need someone to revive you, so keeping in touch with the team is important.

4.  Keep a Med Kit at all times

Here’s some terrible news. Chances are you’ll get caught by the enemy at some point in the game if you haven’t been hiding well enough or you’re the last one left from your team.

As a beginner, you’re mostly going to be vulnerable. So doubling down on your safety will play a part in deciding whether you make progress or not.

So if you open a treasure chest to find a Med Kit or a Potion inside, for your sake, keep it. You could use it if you’re damaged and you want to recover for the next attack.

5.  Practice makes perfect

As a beginner, getting used to the gameplay is never easy. Controlling the aim takes time, and of course, that’s more than natural. The truth at getting better is to keep trying.

I like to think of it as math, understanding a problem and learning to solve it takes practice. The first few times you’ll get it wrong (and that’s totally normal), but the more you genuinely try, the closer you get to the right answer.

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