Beginners Guide to Factorio

Are you having trouble getting started with Factorio? Do you feel that your friends are finding it pretty much easy to play the game and discuss the perks of playing the game and building factories in it, but you find it difficult for yourself when it comes to creating your own? Or maybe are seeking some advice on how you can settle into your game even faster? You do not have to worry anymore. We have got your back in this regard.

We shall try to guide you regarding all the queries that can arise in one’s mind.

How to Set to Peaceful Mode

While you may be the only human being on the entire planet at Factorio, you are not the only living being. Native creatures called Biters will start attacking you as your factory grows and begins to pollute your home, and they can make your life quite difficult, especially early in the game, before you have the proper defenses.

If you are just getting started with Factorio, we recommend that you set your first world to the peaceful mode in the game options. This means the Biters will not attack you until you attack them for the first time. This can give you a sort of head start against the Biters.

How to Find Perfect Starting Location

After disassembling the crashed ship, the player must get familiar with the map. For an effective start, it is always recommended to identify the deposits of copper, stone, coal, and, the most important one, iron next to each other. The preview section of the map generator can be used by the player before making sure the map has resources where the player wants them.

How to Begin Material Mining

Finding huge rocks and rocks is the fastest way to collect the stone and fuel needed to make and power furnaces and miners. They can be destroyed rather quickly and a large quantity of stone can be produced rather than manually extracting a piece of coal or stone. More miners and furnaces should be placed next to the first iron miner by creating two lines, one from the miners and one from the furnaces. Repeat this process until pairs of miners and furnaces are sufficient. This arrangement will make the conveyor belts easy to use. A miner should be placed near the selected stone. Coal mining should be automated to have perfect results. For the production of steam power, an offshore pump should also be installed.

How to Start Research

The player must use more valuable materials to create better tools and equipment. Factorio goes one step further, requiring materials to be used to create research packages. By pressing “T” on the keyboard, the player can see the available research options and their respective cost in the research packages. After that, the player needs to build a laboratory in the power area of an electric pole that is connected to the player’s steam engines and place the ten research packages in the laboratory.

How to Drive the Car

The players can take their game to a whole new level by taking the first car. The car has a vehicular machine gun. Accelerating in the opposite direction to the speed of the car will cause it to brake. Held throttle controls will not affect after a break. The faster the car goes, the more distance it will need to stop. Powerful fuel should be used to power the car. It can help the car to move fastly. The use of trains can also increase the proficiency level of the game.

How to Use Blueprints

Blueprints are one of the most intelligent features of the game. It is very important to learn to use them properly. Get access to the blueprint library by tapping “B” or by clicking the first button at the top right of the game screen. The library is where you can access, inspect, and modify all of your blueprints. Blueprint tools can also be used to make your blueprints. Blueprints can also be destroyed by choosing the option of “Destroy Blueprints”.

So, these were some tips and guides that can help the players. Hopefully, by following the aforementioned guide, the players will see an improvement in the game and will find it relatively easier and exciting to play.

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