Technomancer Best Build and Weapon Mod Guide

Are you itching to create the best Technomancer build to defeat hostile creatures scattered across Enoch?

The Technomancer is one of the most versatile of the classes you can play in Outriders. It’s a long-range support specialist that has the power to heal their teammates, something specific to this class only.

Aside from healing, it also uses machines and gadgets from the ground to create turrets. These turrets fire projectile weapons and inflict status conditions to enemies, like Freeze and Toxic.

If you’re interested in learning about the other Outriders classes instead, you can learn more about them such as the Trickster, who’s playstyle fits a sneaky ninja rather than a cunning engineer.

Ready to see the Technomancer build? Here it is:

Technomancer Build:

Skill Tree: Pestilence

Skills: Blighted Rounds, Blighted Turret, Cold Snap

Weapons: Amber Vault, The Iceberg, The Headhunter

Weapon Mods: Resistance Breaker, Ice Component, Toxic Lead, Spare Mag, Emergency Stance, and Damage Absorber

Gear and Armor: Borealis Monarch Set

Best Technomancer Skill Tree

As you achieve level 5 in Outriders, you get to choose your class’s preferred Skill Tree. For the Technomancer, the skill trees you can unlock play to his unique Gadget abilities and special healing powers. These are:

  • Pestilence: All about increasing damage output and boosting secondary damage from toxins.
  • Tech Shaman: Revolves around boosting damage output of gadgets and increased healing output.
  • Demolisher: A jack of all trades build that brings in slight boost in toxin, weapon, and gadgets damage. Also increases healing. 

While all of these classes can shine with the right gear and weapon combination, we favor one of them over the rest: Pestilence. This is due to a couple of reasons.

For the Tech Shaman, players who play in co-op mode will absolutely love your presence. That’s because there’s a lot of value in healing in Outriders, especially in the thick of combat. But in solo campaigns, there’s rarely any use for this increased healing potential. The increased gadget output is nice too, but you’re better off improving another skill tree instead.

The Demolisher is a slightly less potent alternative to the Pestilence. The trade-off is an increased gadget damage output, which this build can live without. While having that perk would make Cryo Turret and Cold Snap stronger, you have more versatility and power focusing on adding damage output instead.

And that leaves us with Pestilence. When focusing your points towards building this skill tree, you increase the damage output of your Technomancer’s weapons. But that’s not all you get. With this build, you also have the choice to increase your toxin damage, making Blighted Rounds and Blighted Turret more terrifying damage dealers for your enemies.

If you’re looking to build the best Techomancer build to beat the solo campaign in Outriders, branch down the Pestilence skill tree.

Skill Nodes

For Pestilence traits, you unlock a unique set of abilities and bonuses from the skill tree. Here are some if its specializations:

Nitrogen CapsulesDecrease Long Range distance by 3 meters.
ToxicologistEnemies afflicted by Toxic have their effects last 30% longer than normal
Sniper MasterGain a 40% Increase in Sniper weapon damage. Drop percentage of sniper rifles increases by 12%. (includes Marksman Rifle, Automatic Sniper Rifle, and Bolt Action Rifle)
CannonadeActivating any Ordinance skills increase weapon damage output by 30% for you and your allies for 10 seconds
Empowering AntennaActivating any form of DECAY increases weapon damage output by 40% for you and your allies for 10 seconds

The common theme of the Technomancer Pestilence builds is its damage output increase and other neat utility bonuses that makes using him easier. 

Even if you’re away from the heart of the action, picking enemies from long-range is a crucial role to your success in the game. It’s best to equip yourself with the right weapons and shields to give you ample resources to win missions and quests in Outriders.

Best Technomancer Skills

Technomancer is one of the most powerful classes in the game, and that’s all because of one skill he employs. It’s Blighted Rounds. While the majority of your playtime will more often than not be focused on capitalizing this skill, Technomancer has a lot of great skills to choose from that’ll also help him shine in combat. 

Here are the skills that allow your Technomancer build to go on full rampage mode on Outriders enemies:

  • Blighted Rounds: By the power of Anomaly, fill your magazine with bullets infused with decay that inflict Toxic to enemies. If caught in a small radius, multiple enemies can also receive Toxic and 50% of the Damage. You remove this perk if you switch your weapon out or run out of ammo. Type: DECAY
  • Blighted Turret: Put down an automated turret that shoots damage and inflicts Toxic to enemies in its way. Over time, the turret will slowly deplete HP or take enemy damage, and disappear from battle. Type: DECAY
  • Cold Snap: Place a gadget on the ground to inflict Freeze to all enemies within a small radius near you. Type: GADGET 

As mentioned earlier, the star of this build is Blighted Rounds. It’s the strongest skill in the game right now, arguably. Aside from that, Blighted Turret can help set up great crowd control solutions with its automated weapon fire as well. To top it off, Cold Snap restricts enemy movement from battle, allowing you to hide and take a breather once the situation gets too heated.

Trickster’s Best Weapon

The best Technomancer weapon has to be the Amber Vault.  It’s a legendary weapon classified as a double gun that has the following perks: 

  • 60 Clip Size
  • 750 RPM
  • 2.7s reload speed
  • 125% crit mult

Its special bonuses also include: Armor Pierce, Healing Received, and Close Range Damage. Aside from its cracking firepower and break-neck RPM, it also benefits greatly with the following mods:

  • Killing Spree: Killing shot increases damage output by 50% for 50 seconds with this weapon. Bonus lessens over time and stack caps at 5 kills
  • Brain-eater: Critical hits don’t consume ammo

If you can’t find this legendary weapon, there are many great long-range sniper rifles that carry tons of damage potential too. 

  • The Iceberg, a Legendary Sniper Rifle that comes with can freeze enemies thanks to its mods
  • The Headhunter, a Legendary Sniper Rifle that does the same thing but with Toxins instead.

More weapon and armor mods are found here.

Trickster’s Best Weapon and Armor Mods

The Technomancer’s versatility grants it access to many mods that work great regardless of the build’s purpose. Nonetheless, here are some great weapon mods that work specifically for this build:

  • Resistance Breaker: For 6 seconds, shots decrease your target’s Resistance by 35%
  • Ice Component: The Blighted Turret skill inflicts Freeze instead of Toxic now
  • Toxic Lead: Killing enemies afflicted with Toxic will instantly bring back around 40% of your magazine’s ammo
  • Spare Mag: Blighted Rounds receives an additional mag before it’s cooldown activates again
  • Emergency Stance: Whenever your Health drops below 30%, attain Golem protective effect for 4 seconds.
  • Damage Absorber: Increases Resistance by 10% and armor by 52 659.

With the combination of these mods and weapons, you’ll turn your Technomancer into a battlefield beast. Turret and Cold Snap help tremendously when dealing with crowds, and you’ll also be equipped to better deal with enemies with Toxic Lead and Blighted Rounds combo. Overall, it’s a well-rounded build that can pierce through enemies.

Trickster’s Best Legendary Armor

Now that you’ve got most of the weapons covered, don’t forget the armor that allows the Technomancer to take a couple of hits from worthy foes.

We recommend the Borealis Monarch set. By having a 3-part bonus, you gain a 10% increase in weapon damage on Frozen enemies. This pairs amazing with the mods and skills, namely the Ice Component mod and Blighted Rounds combo. 

If you’re in co-op mode, your allies also gain a 90% critical damage increase for 8 seconds after you trigger Cold Snap in the game. 

Grab your Outriders copy now on PC with Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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