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Lost Ark Classes available at North America Launch

Lost Ark is releasing in North America around the corner on February 11th, and there are significant differences between the North American launch and the current Korean and Russian servers. One of the biggest differences is that because of the age of the Korean servers, not all classes available on the Lost Ark Korean server will be available at launch for North America.

Lost Ark has a plethora of beautiful classes, with 4 base classes, and 15 advanced classes available and confirmed for the Lost Ark release date NA.

Warrior Class


The powerful Berserker embodies its persona well, wielding a massive two-handed sword, and dealing powerful–but slow–attacks to the evil forces of Lost Ark.

The Berserker has excellent damage, and good range on its skills, owing to the aforementioned massive weapon.


The Gunlancer is a tank specialization, wielding high-tech weapons–a massive lance.. with a gun on the end–yes, it’s a Korean game and it’s full of awesome like that.

For now, the Gunlance is the closest warrior class we have to a full tank and is very nearly required for all end-game content. Dealing respectable damage while maintaining the ability to just face tank even the harshest damage ability from bosses and mobs, it’s going to be hard to break the Gunlances defenses.


The first of the true support classes, the Paladin has the ability to both buff and heal themselves and their team, the Paladin is going to be a mainstay in late-game content, and because of its ability to still be offensive and provide beneficial buffs to the team, the healing from the Paladin won’t be as potent as from the Bard, but it provides a niche for those support allies who wish to heal and buff the team, but also look like a total badass while vanquishing the evil forces with ancient magic.

Martial Artist Class


These quick-footed fighters speak softly, but carry a big punch! The Striker is a Martial Artist that uses combined attacks to punish the enemy with swift punches and kicks.


The Wardancer is another quick-footed fighters combo class that has high burst which is good for PvP and PvE, but to the detriment of damage and sustained damage if the combo is missed or interrupted.

When properly hitting combos though, the Wardancer is one of the best beginner classes to play if you like damage and high burst.


Do you like using your fists to do your talking for you? Then the Scrapper in Lost Ark is the martial artist for you. Use massive gauntlets to cast deadly spells at your enemies.


Best described as the Monk archetype, slam your foes to the ground and blast them with energy spells from a distance. Excellent advanced class for you silent but deadly types. This final Martial Artist is an awesome-looking addition to Lost Ark, and one of our favorites on the Korean servers.

Read more here in our full Lost Ark class guide.

Gunner class


One of your typical gun-toting and slippery ranged DPS advanced classes that can run circles around you while blasting you from range or straight to the face with their wide selection of weapons.


Can’t you guess by the name? Big. Guns. End. of. Story. The Artillerist has the biggest weapons in the game and knows how to use `em.


Wielding high-tech weapons at their disposal, the Deadeye can pistol, shotgun or rifle you from range and you won’t see it coming.


Rain down death with a bow and arrows. Lethal from range and surprisingly adept in melee, the Sharpshooter has an answer for every situation. In PvP, the Sharpshooter is difficult to pin down, and provides excellent DPS from a distance.

Mage Class


Toss a coin to your Gunslinger, and heal with the power of thousand harps. The Bard is the ultimate support. With even more potent heals than the Paladin, this true support will buff and heal your allies all day long.


Cast deadly spells with this ancient magic advanced class capable of laying waste to the battlefield using dark powers and magic.

Assassin Class


Using three unique swords, the Deathblade chooses which weapon to disembowel using powerful combos and fast movement.


Armed with my personal favorite dark powers from the demonic wastelands of Lost Ark, the Shadowhunter embodies fear with devastating combined attacks.

Advanced Classes

These ark classes are available from the start of the game, and unlike many other games which make you grind the base class for a period of time before unlocking the advanced specialty classes, Lost Ark lets you pick and choose your class right out of the gate. really, it’s the first thing you do!

More classes will be available over time, as the NA launch is only offering a core group of Lost Ark classes to choose from. In time, more of the advanced classes will become available as they are unlocked with content and updates.

We are looking forward to Lost Ark releasing classes like the Artist, which uses a giant brush and colorful attacks to support allies.

It is not known if the other classes will be released at the same rate as they were for the Korean servers, we suspect they may accelerate the process, since the development work has already been done, and North American audiences tend to be a bit less patient with updates of this type.

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