Devastator Best Build and Weapon Mod Guide

Are you ready to wreak havoc across the world of Enoch with the best Outriders Devastator build?

Known as the beefy sponge in Outriders, the Devastator proudly takes up the tank role among the four main classes in Outriders.

With this class, you’ll get up close and personal with your foes, absorbing attacks and dishing out powerful hits. With a variety of sets to choose from, the Devastator has the potential to deal devastating damage with the right set of skills and weapons.

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Waiting to build your Devastator set in Outriders? Here it is:

Best Devastator Build

Skill Tree: Vanquisher

Skills: Gravity Leap, Tremor, Reflect Bullets

Weapons: The Daimyo, Body Snatcher, Deathshield

Weapon Mods: Ultimate Storm Whip, Improved Stiffening, Soul Devourer. Body Snatcher, Powerful Fortress, Striga

Gear and Armor: Statue Set

For this definitive Outriders guide, you’ll learn how to utilize the Devastator’s unmatched close-range prowess and capitalize on his reliable sturdiness. 

Let’s begin with his skill tree.

Best Devastator Skill Tree

Once you reach level 5 in Outriders, you get to branch your build out from three skill trees. These skill trees affect your build’s strengths in various ways.

 For the Devastator, he unlocks the following three skills:

  • Vanquisher: All about dealing massive damage while maintaining longevity in battle.
  • Warden: Makes you more spongy; focuses on health, sustain, and armor during combat
  • Seismic Shifter: Incorporates healing while dealing hefty damage, as well as Bleed status effects and skills.

Among the three, we believe that the Vanquisher is the best class choice. While the other two stand good on their own, few factors distinguish the Vanquisher as better than the rest. 

The Warden is great for sustainability, but it leaves out one thing. The Warden Devastator build lacks the much-needed strength to beat the range of enemies scattered across Enoch. 

The Seismic Shifter can work once you have the right gear, but you can’t guarantee it with the tricky loot system. And if you do, it may take a considerably long time to find your preferred weapon. Your hours-filled grind could have been spent on tinkering with our favorite class option: Vanquisher.

What makes this build so great? The Vanquisher build for the Devastator packs a loaded punch to any of Enoch’s creatures. It focuses on creating the highest damage output possible. And among the three, it’s the best skill tree to amplify your build’s weapon power.

Skill Nodes 

You unlock nodes by spending points that you gain as you progress through the game. To give you a glimpse, here’s five of the 25 available nodes available to the Vanquisher build:

HavocWeapon Damage 8% gains Increase
BrawlerClose Range Weapon Damage gains 15% Increase
ArmorbreakerArmor Piercing gains 10% Increase
Bull’s EyeCritical Damage gains 20% Increase
Altered ChangeWhen Kinetic Skill ends, gain a 70% Weapon Damage increase for 10 seconds

The common theme of upgrades is constant weapon damage output gains and faster times to mow down enemies.

With the right Vanquisher build, you’d also need great weapons and shields to power through enemies at full force.

Best Devastator Skills

Since our main focus is on capitalizing on the Devastator’s damage threshold, your skills should be the shining light of your build. But of course, you shouldn’t neglect his survivability and utility either.

Here are the skills that are great for the Devastator, and a short description of what they do:

  • Gravity Leap: Jump into the air and strike your enemies from above. Then you dish out damage and also Interrupt nearby enemies within a small radius from where you landed. Type: KINETIC and INTERRUPT. (20s Cooldown)
  • Tremor: Summon explosions from below, creating a series of explosions that deal damage and drain their health from enemies nearby in a medium range. Type: SEISMIC (22s Cooldown)
  • Reflect Bullets: Create a temporary barrier that catches all enemy projectiles, holding them, and accumulates damage. Once 10 seconds passed from when the skill triggers, the accumulated damage gets reflected on the enemies in your sight. You also gain temporary protection against melee attacks by reflecting it to enemies. Type: PROTECTION. (22s Cooldown)

With this build, you can crush opponents while having an amazing means of sustain with Reflect Bullets. 

How it works: First, you should set up the barrier by playing Reflect Bullets in the middle of battle. You might take a hit or two, but you’ll live. Once you’ve done that, pounce with Tremor and Gravity Leap for a slew of damage that’ll send your opponents flying. Here’s the best part. If some enemies are left alive, the barrier will dissipate and deal damage to them, finishing them off with a final blow. 

It’s pure strategy, topped with a beautiful and flashy finisher.

Outriders Devastator’s Best Weapons

For the Outriders Devastator, you would benefit from weapons that’s strong and boasts a fast reload speed. This is to prevent any downtime during combat. With his frequent close-range engagements, he’d need to save precious time from reloading his weapons.

You can find these weapons as rewards for completing Expeditions and Quests. Legendary weapons are the hardest kind to find in Outriders.

Here are some weapons that work great for the Devastator:

  • The Daimyo: One of the best Outriders legendary SMG weapons that works great for stomping on enemies and maintaining crowd control. It has a clip size of 60 bullets, 309 744 Weapon Firepower, and Bonus stats that include Armor Pierce of 32.5%, Skills Life Leech of 3% and Close Range Damage of 13%
  • Body Snatcher: One of the best Outriders legendary shotgun weapons that are ideal for close-range, high-damage Devastator builds. It has a clip size of 3 bullets, 86 RPM, 16 319 Weapon Firepower, and bonus stats of Armor Pierce of 30%, Long Range Damage of 14%, and Healing Received of 14%
  • Deathshield: A beastly automatic shotgun that fits the build’s up-in-your-face playstyle. It has a clip size of 10 bullets, 240 RPM, 27928 Weapon Firepower, and bonus stats of Crit Damage of 21.7%, Healing Received of 12%, and Close Range Damage of 13%

Devastator’s Best Weapon Mods

From the weapons above, or with any other great weapon alternatives, here are some great Outriders weapon mods to blast through Enoch’s monsters.

  • Ultimate Storm Whip: Sends lightning zap to hit enemies
  • Improved Stiffening: inflicts Slow to enemies
  • Soul Devourer: restore HP with every killing shot
  • Body Snatcher: teleports an enemy where you have just slain one
  • Powerful Fortress: boosts your damage equivalent to your armor stack
  • Striga: Restores health according to critical damage

There are a plethora of other great weapon mods that can sufficiently arm you against greater and stronger foes. But for the main campaign, the selection above is more than enough to annihilate strong enemies with the Devastator.

Devastator’s Best Legendary Gear

Crafting the right gear and having the right armor set is key to letting your Devastator build shine. For this build, we recommend the legendary Statue Set because of the inclusion of one main skill: Tremor.

When you use Tremor with Statue set armor, you double your Firepower and double Weapon Life Leech for you and your allies. This greatly increases your damage output, making you an unstoppable force with a respectable degree of both durable bulk and strong attacks.

Grab your Outriders copy now on PC with Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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