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Cyberpunk 2077 In-depth Analyisis


CYBERPUNK 2077 is an open-world RPG that takes place in a futuristic setting in northern California, and like the name, “CYBERPUNK 2077” would suggest, the year of the game is 2077.

CYBERPUNK 2077 was released officially on December 10, 2020, and was the most highly-anticipated game of the year. Sadly the game had several development issues, and constant delays, and as a result, CD Projekt rushed development leaving the aftermath of the release quite fatal for CD Projekts reputation and trust as a developer.

The game took nearly 8+ years to develop, and create. It initially started in 2012, during the “golden age” of gaming, but was a highly complex project and as a result took years before it finally was released on December 10th, 2020. Many people could argue, however, that the game should have probably remained in development until all problematic bugs, and problems were taken care of, sadly the game was rushed, and as a result remains a mixed-bag in the gaming community.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series X, PC, and Google Stadia.


You play as a character named V. He is a mercenary outlaw that has 1 objective, to go after a one-of-a-kind implant, that will grant him immortality.

Along the way, you will encounter many side-activities and side-quest that will grant the player new opportunities, items, weapons, and more. Of course, these opportunities and features are completely optional, but are recommended since they help the player gain tools necessary to make the game easier, and more enjoyable!

CYBERPUNK 2077 takes an average of roughly 30 hours to complete the main story, however, with the addition of optional features such as side quest, and side missions, it may take upwards of 50+ hours to complete.

CYBERPUNK 2077 has several outcomes, and endings, so your choices in this game determine what outcome you will receive. Some endings can have a really good outcome, however, with that said, some endings can end horribly for the player, so choice in this game matters significantly, don’t forget this.

Although CYBERPUNK2077 Has gained a lot of hate and is one of the most controversial games of the year; Yet there are parts about the game that are actually really enjoyable and things that most players tend to overlook, and it’s really unfortunate, because this game has some good elements to it, but sadly it is overshadowed by the repulsive and infamous glitches, and bugs that can ruin the experience for some. In this article, I will provide some pros and cons to the game to illustrate the strengths, and weaknesses of this game, and what the developers can do to improve the overall experience of the game.


Contrary to popular belief, CYBERPUNK2077 actually has some really great features that most players tend to take for granted, and as a result, people often miss out on the great features, and experiences that CYBERPUNK2077 has to offer.

Amazing soundtrack

CYBERPUNK 2077 Has a badass soundtrack. This soundtrack contains some really catchy tunes and very well-made music. The electronic, and industrial rock-style music really fits the futuristic vibe of CYBERPUNK 2077 well.

 You can find the soundtrack here:

Superb graphics & visuals

CYBERPUNK 2077 has very well-crafted visuals and stellar graphics. The best part about the graphics, however, is that the game looks great regardless if it’s on low or high, and for the most part it runs well on console editions as well.

Here are the minimum specs required to run CYBERPUNK2077:

Core i5-3570K or FX-8310

GTX 780 3GB (or RX 470 4GB)



70GB storage

Windows 7 or Windows 10 64-bit

Target: 1080p Low

Great story

CYBERPUNK2077’s story is so well-written, and is also very well immersive, and detailed. I won’t dig into the details of the story to avoid potential spoilers, but in general, the story is very good, and one of the “golden” features of CYBERPUNK2077.

The characters themselves are all cool. They all have distinct, and very well-written personalities and traits. The voice acting, and character design is also pretty good, overall the character design and voice acting is above average, and pretty good.

Tons of content

CYBERPUNK2077 has so many side-features within its sea of content. It is so easy to get lost in the city and explore random sections, or wander off into obscure locations and discover clues, and secrets.

The amount of content within CYBERPUNK2077 is unbelievable and breath-taking. It is very much possible to easily wander off into the city at night, and encounter random locations that aren’t even relevant to the story, but are still worth checking out simply because of the thrill of “exploration” and the feeling of “being lost”. Indeed there are a lot of things to do in CYBERPUNK2077’s sea of content, but you can narrow down your choices to make things easier. Of course, the “adventurous” and “completionist” type of players will most likely want to go out and explore the vast city and see all of its locations, and possibilities to get the most out of their experience.

Experience and memories and some of the most important factors in an enjoyable video game, and I think CYBERPUNK2077 has some very memorable experiences, and great gameplay mechanics, and story elements that allow it to blossom and show its artistic beauty.

Fun combat

CYBERPUNK2077 has some epic combat. The fights in this game are always so energetic and hype and they keep me thrilled for hours. I always enjoy seeing the main character just demolishing his opponents, and giving them a good bruising.


CYBERPUNK2077’s flaws are quite drastic, and they can be problematic, and noticeable for a lot of players. While CYBERPUNK2077 does have many great features, it also has not-so-good features that often give the game bad impressions, and as a result, CYBERPUNK2077 is seen as a “broken” or “unfinished” game. If CD Projekt neglects this issue, then CYBERPUNK2077’s fate could be quite fatal to the game’s legacy.

Lots of bugs and glitches

The glitches in this game are everywhere; they are un-escapable and abundant. Not only that, but certain models and items may not work as intended to, or the floor or objects may stutter randomly, and act all glitchy. This issue is quite problematic for CYBERPUNK2077 since it taints the otherwise excellent qualities of the game.

While the bugs and glitches may not bother everyone, they will certainly bother most players and will leave an impact on CYBERPUNK2077’s reputation if not taken care of by CD Projekt. Thankfully there is hope, however, as CD Projekt is aware of this problem, and is doing its best to fix all of the ongoing issues with CYBERPUNK2077.

Sometimes feels empty

There are certain places in CYBERPUNK2077 that feel bland, and generic, and lack depth, and creativity. While this is more of a minor issue compared to the infamous “bug catastrophe” it is still an issue that can ruin the experience for some players depending on the needs of that particular person. Of course, this isn’t the case for most of CYBERPUNK2077, since it is filled with color, and depth and the nightlife feels awesome, but the occasional emptiness may occur sometimes.


Although CYBERPUNK2077 is certainly a flawed game to some extent, there is hope for the game’s future, as the developers intend to try their best effort in fixing the game’s current position. Here are some things CYBERPUNK2077 will need in order to achieve redemption.

-1. Remove all major issues that are causing outrage, and problems for the players

-2. Fix preformance issues, and unusal bugs

-3. Have the devs focus strictly on reviving the game’s major issues

-4. Update the game more frequently to help the game reach an adequate status

Obviously, these are just some examples of many things the devs need to do in order to restore the game, but in general, these tips will be necessary to restore, and cure CYBERPUNK2077 from its dark phase, because I along with many others, want to see this game prosper.

There is hope for CYBERPUNK2077, it may be a flawed game as of right now, but the devs are certainly listening to the community feedback, and frustration and they are eager to help the game reach a reasonable level of stability. I advise that all CYBERPUNK2077 remain optimistic, as if this game finally breaks free from its problems, it will become a very nice game. I ask that all CYBERPUNK2077 fans and even non-fans remain patient as if that day comes, the game that was once known as the “glitchy catastrophe” might become the “golden masterpiece” so please remain optimistic for this game’s future, because the dev’s feel your pain, they have heard your voice, and trust me they care about this games future as much as you do.


CYBERPUNK2077 is notorious for its infamous abundance of glitches, but if you look past that the game also has an amazing soundtrack, awesome visuals on all platforms, and an excellent and immersive story. The positives of CYBERPUNK2077 are certainly great, and without them, the game would probably be one of the worst and most dysfunctional game of 2020. Thankfully the game is far from that title, and while it has room for improvement, I think the game isn’t bad if you give it a fair chance, and actually open your horizons to the futuristic, and enchanting world of CYBERPUNK2077.

The game is sold for $59.99USD and for this price you get a lot of great features, and awesome gameplay. However, the glitches and bugs certainly make the game look “incomplete” and rushed, as a result, many critics think this price-tag is a bit too high. The game is receiving a huge patch soon, however, so the issue of bugs, and glitches won’t be that significant in the near future.

Patch 1.2:

I personally think if you have the sixty dollars, you should definetly give this game a fair chance, since it isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be. I strongly advise you don’t jump to conclusions about CYBERPUNK2077, because yes it has its fair share of problems, but it isn’t a bad game.

It’s a good game but if you aren’t patient with bugs then please save your money until it’s patched.


CYBERPUNK2077 has become controversial in the gaming community for many months now, but the game has also become incredibly popular on Twitch and has gained a massive following all around the world. This game is loved by many gamers around the world, and despite its issues has gained a significant amount of love, and support from the fans.

If you can forgive the sometimes occasional “glitches & bugs” then I think this is an experience that is definetly worth trying out, because CYBEPRUNK2077 is a special game that has awesome gameplay, amazing storytelling, and a killer soundtrack, and so much more!

Overall CYBERPUNK2077 is what I would call a fun, but somewhat broken game. I personally believe that if CD PROJEKT RED commits to patching, and fixing the game’s serious problems, then this game could a very bright future.



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